NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Tomorrow is the second Thursday of the month and, thus it is the day of the monthly regular NCPCA meeting. Here is a quick summary of what will be on tomorrow’s meeting agenda.

The City has just introduced the FY2012 draft budget. Joe Nagro, College Park’s City Manager will be at the meeting presenting the City Manager’s Proposed Capital Improvements Program budget for Fiscal 2012. Please bring your questions about the budget for the meeting.

AT&T attorney Gregory E. Rapisarda, Esq. and other representatives will make a presentation on their proposed 125 ft cell tower project and address questions and concerns about how AT&T seeks to improve its wireless services in the area.  The tower will be built on the City property at the east end of Odessa Road in Sunnyside. In the meantime, perhaps services like that telco tower lease would yield great benefits in terms of connectivity.

Three competing designs will be on display at the meeting for public comment. NCPCA earlier formed a committee on the proposed park and came up with a design based on preliminary ideas. The City has also sponsored a design competition among UMd landscape architecture students. Please come and see the proposed designs on these meetings and have your comments heard.

See you all tomorrow.