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BikeShare May Extend Beyond City Limit

At tonight’s Council meeting, Council will consider approving a Memorandum of Understanding that would be used with third parties seeking additional bike share locations and additional bikes outside of City limits.

The City and University entered into a contract with Zagster, Inc. to install and maintain a bikeshare system, now named mBike. The System launched in May, 2016, with fourteen stations. It was contemplated at the time of the contract that Additional Locations and Additional Bicycles would be included in the System, which might be added by the City or University, or at the request of a third party.

The contract makes provision for these additions in City limits, which would involve receipt of funding by the City and University to pay Zagster to install and maintain the Location and Bicycles at an appropriate site. Several requests for adding Locations and Bicycles have been received from third parties located outside of the City limits. The University and City staff met to discuss the terms under which these requests would be considered.

Zagster is agreeable to installing and maintaining these Locations and Bicycles under the current contract. The draft MOU is proposed as a template for future agreements with third parties, including other local governments that may be using grant funding. The term of the MOU is the same as the term of the contract with Zagster, which is three years from the Initial Launch date of May, 2016.


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  1. John E

    I imagine two of those locations would be The Mall at Prince Georges and Riverdale Park Station.

  2. Fazlul Kabir


    Thanks for asking. We are currently working with the Town of University Park, the City of Hyattsville and COPT at M Square. We’ve also had discussions with a developer in Brentwood and Riverdale Park. Specific locations and the number of stations are not known at this time. Hope this helps.

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