Please plan to join the Bike to Work Day at City Hall on May 16th from 6:30am – 9:00am. Folding bikes are easy to store and a great way to get exercise when you travel.

Its sure to be great fun for everyone. The event’s organizers will have food, refreshments, raffle prizes, giveaways & FREE T-shirts.

Be sure to sign up right now at and select College Park City Hall as your pit-stop.

Organizers can only guarantee T-shirts to people who have pre-registered online.

They could also use a few volunteers, so if you’re willing to help out, please contact: Steve Beavers at

Sponsors play an important role in supporting Bike to Work Day, and this year’s major sponsors include: Marriott International, REI, ICF International, BicycleSPACE, Bike Arlington, Capital Bikeshare, City of Alexandria, Twinbrook Urban by Nature, and Whole Foods Market.
Commuter Connections and WABA encourage new and experienced bicyclists to prepare for the event by utilizing the resources found on the following websites:

· Learn more about bike commuting: For tips on bicycling to work, check out the “Bicycling to Work in the Washington Area” available through Commuter Connections at:

· Ride with others in a commuter convoy: Commuter convoys on Bike to Work Day will be led by experienced bicycle commuters, and many routes are available. Find a convoy near you at:

· Brush up on cycling skills: Participate in a Commuting Seminar or Confident City Cycling Classes to learn how to safely share the road with cars, other bikes, and pedestrians: