The once empty parking lot in front of the old Linens ‘n Things finally fills up, the shopping isles inside the old store bustle with bargain hunting customers, loud announcements could be heard to keep sales associates busy with their tasks.

The only difference – the old LnT sign in front of the store has been replaced by the blue and yellow BestBuy sign, the once popular home accessory items on the store’s shelves are replaced by electronics and electrical stuff.

BestBuy first opened its doors on last Friday, even though its RewardZone customers had a special opportunity to get a sneak peek of the store inside a day before on Thursday. I got a chance to chat with Tim, one of the several young sales associates in the store. Tim told me that the first few days have been keeping them very busy, but he said he personally doesn’t mind – “I’ve been enjoying this experience” – he said with excitement.

The day after the store opened, I took my 7th grader son to buy a few accessories for his newly bought Zune HD player. Do I appreciate the convenience of going to an electronic store so close to my home? Absolutely yes.

Though there hasn’t been any special deals to celebrate the store’s opening, BestBuy is giving away $5 discount coupon to customers who will be spending $50 or more, starting next week.

As for the much controversial proposed blue wedged sign, nothing could be seen in front of the store. BestBuy seems like holding off from going into that battle field with the nearby residents – at least for now.