Metro  has recently confirmed that the pedestrian bridge that connects College Park and Berwyn Heights will be completely replaced in abpu t3 years. The plan is WMATA’s 6-year CIP and should happen in FY25.

Back in 2016, a Metro contractor’s crane destroyed a pedestrian bridge over Green Line tracks leaving pedestrians to look for another route across the tracks.

Metro temporarily replaced the damaged section of the bridge on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Unfortunately, the steel bridge section that has been placed is vastly different from the concrete bridge section the railroad contractor destroyed. It doesn’t match the rest of the structure and is a bit of an eyesore for people passing by, for that reason there will be a meeting about the decision to keep the steel structure or to completely change it to concrete to match the surrounding structures. They are still thinking about getting the steel frame construction Cyprus because of its high-quality material and durability, which will last a long time. This will be very time-consuming since the planning process is quite a hassle. Everything has to be taken into consideration, from who will be supervising the construction process, who will be funding it, which materials are needed, who will provide the Ready-Mixed Concrete Delivery, what equipment will be used and so on. Votes will be taken and the decision will be announced shortly, once everything is planned, organized and ready to go, the construction process will begin, hopefully as soon as possible. For now, there will be a few contractors working taking apart a few structures that will indefinitely be replaced in the future, this way a bit of time is save for when the real construction begins. 



Berwyn bridge (Courtesy: The Washington Post)