From Chief Baker on Bear Sighting in University Park, Maryland :

A black bear was seen this morning in the backyard of a house located in the 6900 block of Forest Hill. According to Department of Natural Resources the bears are docile and are not aggressive. If you encounter a bear, please remain calm and move away slowly and give the bear an escape route and they will normally leave. Typically, when bears go into a back yard their searching for food attractants, such as trash, bird feeders or grills with leftover food on them. Bears breed in June and July and the young juvenile bears are in search of their new home range. Bears have recently been seen roaming in Columbia and Laurel. If you encounter a bear, please move away slowly and when it’s safe to do so call 911. For further information on bear sightings, please call Department of Natural Resources Police at (410)260-8888.
Chief Harvey R. Baker
Pictures by Roger Eastman.