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Bagel Place Closes its Doors after Serving 35 Years

After operating for 35 years, one of College Park’s favorite businesses closed its doors yesterday. It looks like the landlord wants a longer-term lease, but Bagel Place wants a shorter one so that they may retire early.

A sign on Bagel Place says “Thank you for your support over 35 years”

The City tried to help find a solution, and even tried to look for a place but sadly things didn’t work.

In a letter to the community (please see below), the owners of Bagel Place are asking the community members to call the property owner [Curtis Property at Management 301-702-3200] and ask to keep them in business. Bagel Place owners said they have one month before the current lease expires.

The community members have also started an online petition asking Curtis Property to reconsider its decision.



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1 Comment

  1. Nathan Rich

    I am very disappointed about this story. I probably frequent(ed) the bagel place more than any other business (except maybe my grocery store). Now it closes because of a “dispute” with the landlord? This could mean anything, but it seems the odds are stacked against any small business anymore. (And one loved by the community no less!) Are we doomed to settle for Dunkin’ Donuts?? Down with corporate tyranny!

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