Knock, knock! “Hey, My name is…, I’m here to ….”

Sounds familiar?

Not too long ago, we used to go around the neighborhood, walk door to door, talk to our neighbors about the upcoming elections. That was before November last year.

This time we went out to talk about the Neighborhood Watch program in the blocks.

Patrick and I took part in the Neighborhood Watch block captain orientation / training program yesterday. Our Neighborhood Watch coordinator Kim Lugo mentored us on what and how to do things. We covered a few houses on the Lackawanna St. (Patrick’s street) and 53rd Avenue (my street).

It’s needless to say that we need many of such programs across all the streets / blocks in the neighborhood. With the rise of crime we’re currently facing (pls. see my yesterday’s post)  we can make a big difference in the local public safety if we join our hands in such volunteering ventures. The bonus? you’ll get to know your neighbors, which I’ve found very rewarding.

We hope to have another block captain meeting sometime next month. Please contact Kim, Patrick or me if you’d like to join.