Good news! The City has made the necessary arrangements to enable the use of the Recreation Side of the Youth and Family Services  (YFS, at 4912 Nantucket Rd) building space for meetings, on the schedule shown below.  The following information is now posted on City’s website:

Rental at YFS – Recreation Side, 4912 Nantucket Road, is arranged by the City Clerk’s office. 

This Facility is not available for private events.  The Facility will be available free of charge for meetings of College Park civic organizations, approved charitable organizations and clubs whose membership is comprised of a majority of College Park residents.  This facility is best suited for small community meetings, rather than parties.  Because this Facility is shared with M-NCPPC, there are certain rules regarding the existing equipment and supplies that must be followed.  Further details can be found on the Rules and Regulations/Rental Usage Permit Application.
Available days/hours for this Facility:
·        Weekday mornings from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
·        Mondays 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
·        Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
·        Sundays 12 noon – 9:30 p.m.
Please call 240-487-3501 for additional information or to make a reservation.

This space differs from other City spaces in several ways.  Please note –

  • This space is for community-based events rather than for private events; i.e., it is not a rental space, per se.
  • This space is not for regular meetings of Boards or Committees, however, it could be used for an occasional workshop or special meeting that a committee needs to hold.
  • Application is made through the Clerk’s office, not through YFS
  • Access will be made through the use of an electronic lock, whose code will be provided upon completion of paperwork.  There will be no caretaker involved.
  • Availability is limited to the hours/times shown above.

If you have further questions, please contact City’s Clerk office at Janeen S. Miller, email: