AT&T Plans to Install Cell Phone Tower in Sunnyside

Proposed Cell Phone Tower in Sunnyside

AT&T is proposing to build a 125 ft cell phone tower on the City property at the east end of Odessa Road in Sunnyside. Please see the map below.

AT&T attorney Gregory E. Rapisarda, Esq. and other representatives will make a presentation at its meeting on April 14th, at the North College Park Citizens Association (NCPCA).

They will discuss AT&T’s proposed project and address questions and concerns about how AT&T seeks to improve its wireless services in the area.

Though AT&T has been marketing the tower to boost cell phone reception in North College Park, there have been concerns from residents elsewhere about the health risks caused by these cell towers.

The World Health Organization has said there are no established adverse health effects from cell phone base towers, but also recommended more research be conducted.

This piece of property is in the backyards of maybe 10 families.  A resident living  in that area is already furious about a piece of mail relating to this tower she had just received from AT&T.  I won’t be surprised that there are a many other residents sharing the same concern.

If you’re concerned about the proposed tower or want to find about it from the AT&T representative, please attend at the April 14th meeting.

If you’ll like to get more information on phone services, then please use this link.

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