The Gazette is reporting that the city has seen increases in assaults and burglaries this year, but decreases in stolen vehicles and total thefts, according to Prince George’s County Police data released at Tuesday night’s City Council work session.

While assaults in the city also rose from 25 to 35, Liberati said the increase could simply be due to a few extra fistfights at downtown bars. Citizen robberies remained relatively constant — 14 last year, 16 this year — while vehicle thefts decreased from 46 to 34 and total thefts were lowered from 292 to 242.

Here is the statistics summary for the period of June 2009 to June 2010:

Homicides – DOWN from 1 to 0
Assaults – UP from 25 to 35
Commercial robberies – DOWN from 10 to 5
Citizen robberies – UP from 14 to 16
Stolen vehicles – DOWN from 46 to 34
Burglaries – UP from 75 to 87
Total thefts – DOWN from 292 to 242

Please see the complete statistics here: 2009-2010_Jan-June_crime_stats

[Source: The Gazette, NCP list serve]