Major Robert Liberati, the new PG Police Chief will be coming to Oct 14 NCPCA meeting to answer your questions. Mr. Liberati is the Chief of District 1 PG County Police that includes the City of College Park.

It’s been only a few month since Mr. Liberati has taken his office, yet he has made his name known to the City residents. One change I’ve noticed is more frequent Nixle alerts on crime incidents in and around the City. Albeit incomplete, such alert messages are the only source of immediate crime information in our area. Instant reporting of crime incidents in our city is nearly absent on sites like

Mr. Liberati has shown some promises as a police chief, but can he do even better? You wouldn’t ask that question if the crime had completely died down in our city. Though total crime figures have gone down in the recent month, violent crimes, robberies, and assaults have gone up in the same period of time. What can he do to bring these dangerous crime figures down.

Another question you may want to ask is the reaction of the PG Police in our part of the City compared to that in downtown College Park. I try to follow crime trends in both north and south part of the City and from the surface, it appears that the number and of nature of crime in these two parts of the city isn’t quite different. But here is the issue; every time we have a series of crime happening in downtown, it seems that they get more attention from the Police (and the media off course). Very rarely similar series of incidents happening in the north get comparable attention from the Police. Is this a matter of perception, or is there a real discrepancy in the focus of attention between the south and the north?

These two questions are just the start; I’m sure you have other questions in your mind. Please bring those questions to our next NCPCA meeting. In case you think you cannot come to the meeting, please let me or our President Mark Shroder (email: know about them before the meeting. You deserve to know the answers to these questions.