Last night, we rolled our clocks back by one hour.

Good for everyone? – Why not? With time change, nights get longer, we get an extra hour to sleep. Who doesn’t want that?

But that nightly comfort comes with a caution – we lose the benefit of  longer days that we used to enjoy during summer.

Longer days not only (supposedly) save energy cost, but it also reduces crime – most violent crimes happen during dark. he U.S. Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) found a reduction of 10% to 13% in Washington, D.C.‘s violent crime rate during DST.

With time falling back, we lose that benefit of crime reduction, especially during the evening period.

What it means, we ought to be an extra vigilant when we’re out after the dark. If you walk home from the Metro in the dark, please make sure you take extra cautions. There have been quite a few muggings happened involving the Metro riders around this time of the year last year.

Oh yes, time change should also be a reminder for us to change smoke alarm and carbon monoxide  batteries. Let’s do that asap.