We got a word from our police informing us that an arrest was made last night for the homicide that occurred in north College Park earlier this week at Ramada motel. The individual has admitted involvement in the homicide and is currently in jail. The arrest was made by the County’s Homicide unit. Any others involved in the case will also be assigned a criminal defense lawyer for their legal representation.

However, according to NRS 200.120, justifiable homicide only occurs when the danger was urgent, the non-aggressor faced death or substantial bodily harm, a reasonable person in the same situation as the non-aggressor would also fear for their life, and the non-aggressor was not acting out of revenge. Just having a “bare fear” of being injured from the aggressor is insufficient evidence to justify a killing. Additionally, Nevada is a “stand your ground” state and has a “Castle Doctrine,” stating it is justifiable to kill an intruder in an occupied home or vehicle if the intruder is trying to commit a felony and posing a threat. 

Let’s thank our police for doing a good job!
Update: 1:30pm: June 6, 2014
Here is the latest media advisory we got from Police. We hope to get more information about the arrest at the news conference.

Media Advisory: PGPD Arrests a John in College Park Murder

The Prince George’s County Police Department arrested a suspect in the College Park murder Wednesday of 25-year-old Catina Cortes.
On June 3, 2014, at about 1:15 pm, patrol officers were called to a hotel in the 9100 block of Baltimore Avenue for a welfare check. When they arrived, they found Cortes suffering from an apparent gunshot wound inside a hotel room.
Suspect information will not be released prior to today’s news conference at police headquarters.
Who:  Julie Parker, Media Relations Division Director
           Major Cesar Pacheco, Commander, Criminal Investigation Division
           Captain Jimmy Simms, Assistant Commander, Criminal Investigation Division
           Sergeant Dave Coleman, OIC VICE Intelligence Unit
When: Friday, June 6, 2014
Time:  2:30 pm (time could slide)
Where: Police Services Complex
             7600 Barlowe Road
             Palmer Park, MD
Update: 2:45 pm, June 6, 2014
The suspects are 23-year-old Vaughn Darvell Bellamy of the 2800 block of Myrtle Avenue in Northeast Washington and 24-year-old Barry Foxx of the 2500 block of Southern Avenue in Temple Hills. Bellamy is charged with first and second degree murder and a gun charge. Foxx is charged with accessory after the fact. During the course of the investigation, Bellamy was identified as a suspect. He and Foxx were arrested at Foxx’s home early this morning. A handgun was recovered inside the home that detectives preliminarily believe is the murder weapon. The investigation reveals Bellamy and the victim agreed to meet at the hotel and exchange money for sex. Foxx helped Bellamy with transportation from the scene. Both suspects are in custody at the Department of Corrections.