Around the Language World

Here is an exciting summer program to experience a different language and culture each day – China, Japan, Spain and Egypt.

The College Park Language Museum will be hosting this “Around the Language World” day from July 18 to 21.

The event is only limited to 8-10 years old of College Park and University Park.

Children will experience storytelling with discussion about the culture, songs, games, videos of festivals, samples of an authentic food from the culture and more.

Directed by professional educators. Registration is required and may be for one to four days; the Museum is small and space is limited. Deadline for registration is July 14th, 2011. Email and give child’s name, address, age, and any allergies. Any questions, call the Museum and leave a message at: 301-864-7071.

College Park National Museum of Language 7100 Baltimore Ave, Suite 202 College Park, MD. Map and directions to NML: