A proposed $84.8 million cut in the FY2012 annual Superintendent’s budget will force the area schools in the county to have less staff and larger class sizes. 

The original proposed budget was $1.68 billion, with a projected $64 million shortfall from the state. The governor has announced an additional $20.8 million cut to school system funding.

The new cuts would increase class sizes and eliminate more than 700 in-school positions, according to PGCPS documents.

The proposed budget cuts have prompted the school board to wage a campaign asking school parents to call Gov. O’Mally ” Please help Maryland hold its place as #1 by fully funding education. Funding cuts hurt Prince George’s County more than any other school system in the State“, says school board’s website

The proposed cuts follow a similar cut in the previous year, which resulted in almost 800 job cuts. The job cuts put Prince George’s County at the top for job cuts for all school systems in the Washington area.

Last Thursday, the Board of Education arranged a public hearing, where many parents, school teachers spoke against the proposed cuts.

Additional public hearings have been scheduled on February 8, & February 10. The Board of Education will have FY 2012 budget work sessions on February 24, when it is expected to adopt the new budget.