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Anti-Littering Legislation Becomes Law

Prince George’s County Council Bill 70-2015, legislation doubling the fine for litter to $1000 per violation, has become law.

Council Member Mel Franklin (D) – District 9, lead proposer of the legislation, says CB-70 sends a strong message that there is zero tolerance for litter or poor property standards in our county.

“Litter and the accumulation of litter harms property values and the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We must hold those who willfully choose to do damage to the beauty of our county accountable for their actions.”

CB-70-2015 ensures enforcement and penalties for littering; prohibits the accumulation or deposit of litter; provides for action upon noncompliance; and provides for civil monetary fines and injunctive relief.


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1 Comment

  1. Bill Smith

    “prohibits the accumulation or deposit of litter”

    What does ‘prohibits the accumulation” of litter mean? If someone litters on my property I have to clean it right up?

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