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Another Eyesore Gone – City Plans to Build Gateway Park Soon

The old (eyesore building) at the corner of Edgewood Rd and Rt 1 is finally gone. The City plans to build the Gateway Park at the site soon. A few months ago the City also acquired a much-needed access to the park from the 47th place. Here are some pictures of the park that the Council approved earlier.




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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    Excellent news, glad things are moving forward on this. I know acquiring the house and land was a hurdle to get over for the project to move forward. What other hurdles remain before the park can break ground? Hopefully at least a large majority of the funding is now there. I assume you still need to bid the project?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    I think we’ve got almost all the pieces. Yes, the funds are there to get the project moving. There is a very small piece next to Rt1 that we need a ROW agreement from the owner. The owner has agreed and is expected to send the papers soon.

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