This week, Amazon introduced Instant Pickup, a free service offering Prime and Prime Student members a curated selection of daily essentials available for pickup in two minutes or less at five of Amazon’s fully staffed pickup, students can use an amazon promo code to get a discount con their purchase.

College Park is one of the five locations in the country. The other locations are Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berkeley, Calif., Columbus, Ohio. Items available with Instant Pickup include snacks, drinks and electronics, as well as some of Amazon’s most popular devices.

Amazon College Park pick-up store is located at 4200 Guilford Drive.

With Instant Pickup, Prime and Prime Student members can use the Amazon App to shop hundreds of need-it-now items like food, cold drinks, personal care items, technology essentials and Amazon devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV and a selection of Fire tablets, which may be similar to those portable drawing tablets, and Kindle e-readers. Prime members can browse the selection, place an order, even add last-minute items to an online order and pick it up from a self-service locker – all within two minutes or less. Amazon’s website says.

Plans for a pickup and rapid delivery site were approved there earlier this year (then called Amazon Campus) and an Amazon storefront appears ready to open at that spot.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has not yet responded to questions about the Instant Pickup site and program.

The release states that the space will have hundreds of products — food, cold drinks, personal care items, technology, Amazon devices — that can be ordered through the Instant Pickup offering on the Amazon app and can be picked up within minutes in one of the self-service lockers.

Instant Pickup is available to both Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Student members so non-student users can utilize the service as well. Packages can be shipped to the space, too.

More locations will be added in the coming months. Amazon also notes it has 22 other pickup locations near college campuses, though it doesn’t make clear what if any difference there is between those and the five in Tuesday’s announcement.