REI in north College Park

There was an altercation in the parking lot of REI around 4pm this afternoon.

A NCP resident present newarby described the event “Someone was shouting for help and when I looked, a man (not in a police uniform) pointed a gun at another man and yelled for him to get on the ground.  I took my kid into the n arest store at that point and did see 2 uniformed police officers join the scene soon afterwards. Needless to say, it was unnerving for me and my kid. “

According to the community Police officer J. Black, a citizen observed an unknown suspect breaking into his vehicle and removing his personal items. The citizen then confronted the suspect and a physical altercation ensued.

An off duty PG County Officer who just happened to be at the scene observed the altercation and took action. The Off Duty Officer identified himself as a Police Officer and drew his firearm for Officer Safety reasons and to gain control of the situation.

On Duty Uniformed Officers arrived on the scene shortly after to assist. The suspect was then taken into custody and transported to the Department of Corrections. The citizen was not injured during the incident.