Flood light outside of Greenbelt Metro's north college Park entrance

Those of you who take Metro at the Greenbelt station, you must have noticed a portable light trailer was set up near the pathway bridge, facing west towards the Lackwanna and 53rd Ave intersection.

For the past few days, the lights were on entire night and also late in the morning. The lights were extremely bright and was powered by gasoline generator. It looks like they are the kind of lights which are used in highway work.

We already have enough discussion and controversies on the Lackwanna lights several months ago. This new flood lights just added more questions from many residents.

The lights did not only shined the entire path towards Lackawanna Street, but also the south end of the park. The nearby homes were also flooded with brilliant light. The light went through the bedroom and kitchen of many residents. living in the nearby houses.

We asked Metro what is the reason for causing this unwanted light pollution. They are saying this is a portable unit that they bring around to the different crime hot spots in the Metro system, and there wasn’t anything that triggered it specifically. They said the next time they bring the lights in, they will not be directed at people’s homes. They also said that they’re looking at new lighting options along the path, including brighter LED lights to promote safety on the path without disturbing nearby homes.

The good news is that they lights are gone, at least for now.