Yesterday was quite a day for some 20 homes. They lost their power around Saturday midnight, after a huge tree on Edgewood Rd (near 53rd Avenue) knocked down the power lines and cased damages to several Pepco poles.

Pepco crew came to the scene after the incident and cut the large tree and cleared Edgewood Rd. However it took them at least 17 hours to repair the poles and restore power.

Several residents complained about Pepco’s repeated change of ETRs (Estimated Time to Restorations). when I asked our contact at Pepco, I was told that it sometime happens due to tasks of different nature. What was frustrating, however, was that there was no Pepco crew or truck to be seen working at the spot several hours the road was cleared. Repeated changes in ETR also caused inconveniences to residents as they could not plan if they should leave their homes and find alternate arrangements. One resident particularly complained to me about the difficulties hos ailing father had in running an artificial respiratory system at home. He also complained about loss of refrigerated food. Btw, here you can find more information on filing a claim because of yesterday’s power outage.