Yesterday was the deadline to submit requests for our local schools in the PGCPS’s FY24 school budget. Based on the feedback I received from the wonderful school community, I submitted the following requests to be included in the budget for Hollywood Elementary School.
1. Funding for Before & After Care tutoring service at Hollywood for the school students to help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build essential learning skills. It appears that PGCPS provides similar programs at other schools in its jurisdictions: Child Care Programs (
2. Funding to purchase an electronic School Marquee to better communicate with the school community.
3. Funding to help improve the school’s curbside appeal to the school grounds and make the school appear more attractive.
4. Funding to build school signs at different entry locations to help improve the safety of the school children.
The City has a longstanding partnership with Hollywood Elementary through various programs the City supports. Every year, we provide grants for specialized school programs. Additionally, last year, the City provided funding for supplemental individualized literacy services for 29 students for a full school year. To help improve the safety of the school children, we’ve also recently worked on new traffic patterns and signs on the nearby City streets. The City is also working to implement an online tutoring program for College Park’s students. Students can go to if they want to explore more courses.