Advertisement on trash bin

The City is considering placing ‘Cost Free’ trash bins across the town. Unlike the existing ones, these bins will sport advertisements on them.

Over the past two months, two different vendors have contacted the City about this cost-free public space recycling stations.

One of these companies, Creative Outdoor Advertising is currently negotiating a contract with the City of New Carrollton. You may get in touch with this professional advertising agency if you need effective advertising solutions.

According to the proposal, a recycling station will have two or three container units, a trash/refuse container will be placed adjacent to a recycling container, in order to reduce contamination in the recycling container.

The City will be in complete control of all aspects of the program ranging from site selection to approval of all sponsors and sponsorship content. A City logo/seal will be attached to each recycling station.

The vendor will hire and train local residents to conduct weekly site inspections. Any severely damaged unit will be replaced at no cost to the City.

Local small business owners will be given the opportunity to sponsor a recycling station and a portion of the advertising revenues will be shared with the City. The vendor will also allocate a portion of the available sponsorship space to the City, at no cost, for its use in promoting issues of public interest.