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‘Adult’ Store Gets Second Violation

Comfort Zone (The Diamondback)

North College Park’s controversial store “Comfort Zone” has received a second zoning violation for selling “adult” related products. The City handed over the violation notice after it inspected the store for the second time last weekend.

The store received first violation from the City last month (October 12).  In the re inspection, the staff found a continuing violation, and issued a notice to that effect. 

The North College Park Civic Association (NCPCA) invited the store’s co- owner Robert Joseph Carl  in its November meeting last week to explain his store’s alleged business practices to the local residents. Mr. Carl couldn’t attend the meeting. NCPCA also requested a written statement on such allegation, which it did not receive from the store’s owners.

According to the City, the Comfort Zone property is zoned Commercial Shopping Center, or C-S-C.  The use restrictions in that zone prohibit any adult store, defined as any business that receives 10% or more of its revenue or has 10% of its floor space devoted to adult products. 

Apparently, the use and occupancy permit for the Comfort Zone is for the operation of a variety store, and prohibits the sale of any adult products.  “I believe the owner disputes the City’s interpretation of the term “adult products,” so in all likelihood, this will be fought out in the courts. ” – commented Patrick Wojahn, district 1 council member.


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  1. Jens Jackobson

    So sad that a business will be leaving us again, due to to ignorance and intolerance. I hope the “Jerk Pit” can defend it’s name.


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