The City is about to complete today’s budget worksession. here are a few additional budget request items the Council approved as part of the draft budget. I’ll update this list with more items later.

District 1

  1. LED streetlight replacement on 52nd Avenue between Lackawanna st and Huron Street – $25,000
  2. Solar-powered flashing stop signs  (3 lights) – $6,000
  3. Interactive online College Park history project – $7,000
  4. Funding for North College Park Welcome wagon (NCPCA request) – $2,000
  5. Signage added to Dog Park gates (the PGC rules re. aggressive animals applies) – $500
  6. Two more solar lights at dog parks – $2,000
  7. Bus shelters (a) Route 1, near Dunkin Donuts (b) Rhode Island Ave near Hollywood Rd
  8. Welcome sign for the Oaks Spring neighborhood on Cherokee Street (at the triangle)

City Wide

  1. Online after school tutoring program for College Park students – $30,000
  2. 200 hours of additional contract police service
  3. Spanish translation of City brochures – $50,000
  4. Bee boxes to be installed at appropriate sites (for 5 boxes) – $2,000
  5. $50,000 emergency funds for the individual residents in distress

You can see an overview of the proposed budget here in my previous post