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A Wasteland South of Neighborhood

Wasteland in the South

When it comes to discussing development opportunities in north College Park, we often point to the closed shops, ugly looking buildings, unpaved sidewalks on Route 1.

But Route 1 isn’t the only place where you’d find such wastelands in north College Park – there are a few other spots that need attention, and wait for future development opportunities.

One such spot is a vacant lot in Branchville neighborhood between Rising Sun and the Budget motel (please see map below). The land’s current co-owner, Mr. Peter Drury came to November NCPCA meeting to see residents’ ideas on future development.

Mr. Drury, who is the owner of former Kash Realty at the intersection of Rt. 193 and Rhode Island Avenue said the lot has been vacant for about 5 years. The property is currently zoned as C-S-C (Commercial – Shopping Center). He thinks the lot is a gateway to a commercial area, even though it has number of other residences.

I think the place can be good candidate for commercial offices. Mr. Drury said he had some contacts with an owner of a medical practice, but the owner did not show interest due to lack of visibility. 


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  1. Diana

    I don’t look at this area as a “wasteland”. I look at it as green space and would love for it to remain that way. It is a small piece of property.

  2. Fazlul Kabir


    The lot is now owned by a private company and zoned as C-S-C (commercial / shopping complex); so I don’t think the owner will ever be willing to keep the land just like that or turn this into a green space. One option could be – have the City buy the lot using the Open Space Fund and turn this into a green space, I doubt that will happen either, since they already have been pursuing that fund for the Hollywood Gateway Park lot.

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