Banner remembering Barbara Caskey at the City Hall Entrance

Banner remembering Barbara Caskey at the City Hall Entrance

Hollywood Elementary School principal came to City Council meeting last night to attend her retirement reception.

It was quite an important night for all of us, especially for residents living in District 1 where the school is located.

I first met Barbara several years ago even before I got to City council. I had the opportunity to work with her at the first College Park Day event, where we decided to do a poster competition. Because of her personal effort, we had quite a good participation from her school students.

After that, I had opportunities to interact with her on a number of occasions, such as the annual career day, or at various meetings to address traffic situations in the surrounding neighborhood.

I found Ms. Caskey more than a teacher . She was a community leader, always smiling and was like a family member making sure every student finds the school like a home.

Hollywood Elementary’s slogan is “Where every student is a star”. Someone told last night that some stars shine more than others. and Ms. Caskey was like a shining star. It will be difficult to find someone like Ms. Caskey after she leaves.

I wish her all the best and want to thank her for her awesome 22 years of service to our community