A Sneak Peek at Next Week’s Council Worksession

College Park City Hall

College Park City Hall

The 2014 Council will start with its first worksession next week, January 7. . Here are a few items that are likely coming in next week’s wroksession.

1. Hollywood Gateway Park: as you know a contract has been awarded to a architecture and design firm. The Council will discuss the final design at next week’s meeting. The construction work is expected to begin early this year.

2. Greenbelt Station North Core: The developer of the proposed Greenbelt North Core Development is expected to come next week’s meeting to discuss declaration of covenants with the City. A final decision from GSA on the project is expected to come in April time frame.

3. Farmers Market: The Council will discuss how to support City’s farmers markets in the upcoming season.

4. Surveillance Cameras: The City will discuss purchasing more surveillance cameras in the city using Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention in Maryland (GOCCP) grant funds.

5. Possible Council Retreat: We will discuss to have a possible day long Council retreat to brain storm a few pressing issues and future direction.

6. New Assistant City Manager:The City has hired a new Assistant City manager. The Council will approve his appointment in the next week’s meeting.

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