The COVID pandemic continues to bring so many changes and challenges to the lives of our neighbors. Let us all hope to have a prosperous new year in 2023 for our community here in College Park.

In 2022, we have seen some positive changes and hope to see some exciting projects completed in the new year.

  • After many years of delays, the Hollywood Streetscape Project finally started last year. Though the project suffered some delays, a significant portion has already been completed. We expect the landscaping and other project elements to complete by Spring this year.
  • Responding to the popular community requests, we started the annual parade on Rhode Island Avenue. The event was a huge success with significant community participation.
  • The Odessa Park has been completed. We hope the families in the Sunnyside and the surrounding neighborhoods will enjoy the new park.
  • To promote walkability in the community, we built the sidewalk on Cherokee street between Route 1 and Rhode Island Avenue. This year, we plan to build another sidewalk on Hollywood Road, west of Rhode Island Avenue.
  • The City acquired ownership of Rhode Island Avenue in north College Park last year from the county. As part of the transfer of ownership, the county resurfaced the entire 2 miles stretch of the road. The ownership will allow the City to improve this important road and make it even safer.
  • The design plans and specifications of the Rhode Island Avenue bike lanes have been completed. City Council awarded a construction contract last fall and requested an additional design for safer buffered lanes.
  • The design plans of Duvall Field’s reconstruction project is 60% complete and under review. Thank you all for giving us feedback last year in the community meetings. The City Council reviewed the design last year. Further review by City Council will be scheduled this month. The final construction is expected start this year.
  • The County has completed the initial feasibility study of the North College Park Community Center. We’ve been advocating to fund this fantastic amenity’s full design and construction in 2023. We’ll keep you updated as we get more news on these projects.
  • 331 units of affordable multifamily housing with 4,000 SF of commercial is expected to replace 3 north College Park motels – Days Inn, Howard Johnson’s, and Red Roof Inn. The City Council is expected to review the final design next month.
  • The City Council approved funds to start a FREE tutoring program for all College Park students going to K-12 grades. We expect to see the program starting in a few weeks.
  • The Neighborhood Preservation and Development Committee’s Housing Trust raised $14 million, allowing residents to own affordable homes in College Park.
  • The Council approved a Tree ordinance early last year to help preserve and enhance City’s tree canopy.
  • City started the FREE curbside composting program to help divert food waste from the landfill, which comprises of approximately 25% of discarded municipal solid waste.
  •  The 11,000-square-foot Trader Joe’s opened in College Park –  the first in Prince George’s County and the latest grocery store along the Route 1 corridor. Traders Joe’s and a few other commercial spaces is part of 393 apartment units called “Aster”, which opened later last year.
  • Last summer,  the City started a new easy-to-use reporting system, “Accela” for residents to submit general concerns and/or complaints.
  • Late last year, the City adopted noise enforcement measures as one of the City’s top 2023 legislative priorities to curb loud noise due to vehicles with modified exhausts on our roadways.

Together, we’ll continue to bring more positive changes in the new year and beyond.

I am truly grateful to be of your service. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. Let’s stay in touch!