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A Police Station in North College Park?

7/11 Store on Edgewood Road

Recently an incident in our weekly contract police report sounded an alarm bell to some of us. The incident reads:

Contract officers responded to a call for service for a Commercial Armed Robbery at the Seven Eleven store located at 4921 Edgewood Road. Two armed subjects entered the T/A, produced weapons, removed funds and fled. Area was searched with negative results.

The incident has been very alarming to many residents, who have been part of City’s Neighboorhood Watch group. The the main reason is this is probably the 6th time when the store was hot by armed robberies in recent months. The last time it was hit was in early December last year. Please read more about that incident here.

There have been a few other stores which have been the target of armed robberies in the commercial district. For example another store, Bamboo Eater was robbed just a few days before the December 7/1 robbery incident. The Latno grocery store Mundo Latino was also hit by armed robbery in recent time.

The 7/11 store management has been trying its best to improve security around the store, however, can we do more to protect the safety and security of the business district.

Perhaps we can have a small police station in one of the vacant business spot on the other side of the store. I’ve heard this idea in the past from other residents as well. One residents was pointing to a similar initiative in the Calverton area, where the security has been improved after a police station was established in the shopping complex there.

Please let me know what you think?


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  1. mx

    With the recent spate of robberies and thefts in the neighborhood, a small police station would put our minds at ease. I just read the assault/robbery of a student in Berwyn and wondering what’s causing this recent trend.

  2. I think a police station next to the vacant store next to A-1 Pawn would really ease everyones mind. The vacant store can’t seem to keep a tenant. Yes, that would be a great location.

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