A new wave car break-ins has hit our area again. According to the PG county’s community liaison officer Officer Sarita

Just an fyi over the past weekend we had a rash of theft from auto’s in the area. A total of 8 for the weekend. Gps’s were taken. The areas that the cars were parked in were on Nantuckett Rd, 9500 blk of Rhode Island Ave, 4800 blk of Iroquois St, and 48th pl. Please pass this message along for me to the the NCPCA.

The police says they are working to catch the perpetrator.

These incidents should remind us the importance of getting involved in the Neighborhood Watch program. The city currently only has a few active streets / blocks covered by this program. The program is also tentatively planning to hold a “safety day” on June 6 at the REI/MOM’s shopping center. 

The NCPCA will be also holding a Basic Observational Skills to be given by the County Police at the next week’s meeting, on April 8 at 7:30 at Davis Hall.

The followings are comments from some of the residents / victims who covered the incidents.

[Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 4:05 PM] Last night there were 2 car break ins on my street, 52nd ave on the Sunnyside region.  A guest staying at our house had her car broken into. The window was broken and the GPS stolen.   The GPS was not on display and tucked away out of site. A housemate also had her car rifled through, but that’s because she left her door unlocked.

[Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 10:09 AM] Yep. I came out this morning (Monday) to a shattered right passenger (curb side) window on my Camry. 49th Ave at Iroquois. I had left the GPS mount on windshield. They took that, but the GPS was in the house as always. Judging by how little rain came in the damaged window, I’ll guess that the break-in happened about 4 am. That’s a totally unscientific guess however. Suppose the next step is to mount cheap cameras on the house.

[Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 5:25 AM] The police just left my house.  This time it was my son’s car.  They had two suspects they were chasing through out our neighborhood and Berwyn  Heights however the call was placed 35 minutes after the “victim” who called in was victimized.  The police office said the suspects were wearing latex gloves and because of the rain, they can’t even fingerprint even if them thought they would get something. This makes 3 times in less than a year that one of our cars has been hit.  I believe it is time to move from this neighborhood which is something I have put off for quite awhile.

[Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 3:11 AM] My housemate’s car got rifled through again withing the last hour or so.  (52nd ave) It doesn’t lock but there’s nothing of value in it. Doesn’t even run. She went outside and the entire back hatch was left open.  This goes to show that there is still criminal activity in our neighborhood relating specifically to car casing and break ins.  The perpetrators didn’t even bother to put the hatch back down, close the drawers, or do anything to hide the fact that they were there.

[Source NCP and NW listserve]