At this week’s meeting, the City Council supported the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision (PPS) and a Detailed Site Plan (DSP) of “The Hub” student housing, at 4210-4220 Knox Road located on the north side of Knox Road, approximately 200 feet east of its intersection with Guilford Drive.

The PPS proposes to combine 6 lots to create a 0.72-acre parcel. The DSP proposes to raze two duplex structures and construct a mixed-use student housing project containing 161 dwelling units (464 beds),1,022 square feet of retail space, and a parking garage with 94 parking spaces.

Though the Council supported the development, many of my colleagues, including me, had concerns about the affordability of this new student housing. Based on the amenities The Hub will offer, the rental rate of this student housing is expected to be similar, if not cheaper, to the rental rate of the Terrapin Row. The 2021 rates for Terrapin row range from ~$1200/month for a 4-bedroom apartment to ~$1900/month for a 1-bedroom apartment. Based on this data, The Hub will most likely be into the $1350-$2000 range.

The Planning Board is scheduled to hear the Preliminary Plan and Detailed Site Plan on Thursday, October 15th.