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A Lot Closer Than You Think

TeamworkLooking at the signs on the Edgewood and other major streets in our district, the first thing that may cross your mind is – “it’s warfare – it’s a battlefield”.

Actually not!

Even with all these battles to win the hearts and minds of the voters, we, most of the candidates, do keep in touch. We send emails, we invite each other to our events, and meet each others at the NCPCA’s monthly and the officers’ meetings.

Given the small size of our neighborhood, we cannot afford to have frictions and divisions among us when we try to get important things done for our neighbors.

Funny enough, about a month ago, we signed each other’s petitions when we first applied for our candidacies before the campaign started in the full swing. Call this a true example of cooperation.

Thanks to the city’s election commission serving as the watchdog of this election’s campaign activities, I’ve noticed a few cases of “uneasiness” from a few candidates during our campaign. Some may think these are attempts to punish the other candidate, but I think they are ways to prepare the candidates to the larger role they aspired to take. As a candidate, one ought to prepare himself or herself a greater degree of transparencies and responsibilities.

Though unfortunate, our city councils in the past years have seen several incidents of bitter confrontations, many of them happening open in public, in front of the TV cameras and reporters. The scenes of such fights may be good candidates for entertainment session on the local TV channels, but not certainly good for the citizens, who elected those council members in the first place. Bitter fightings such as this prohibit the progress of council sessions, especially during the time of taking importatnt legislations.

During council and other public meetings, disagreements between our elected representatives is not an uncommon thing, but the key to a productive council lies in the getting along with other members in the team, especially during the time of disagreements.

In the end, our elected officials must learn how to build a strong team – for the sake of the residents who voted them to elect and to “get things done”.


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  1. Christiane Williams

    I am all in support of greening College park In every possible way.something should be done about the random tree cutting. I think before a tree is cut it should be inspected to make sure that it is either dangerous for the house or that it is dying. I dont think is ever done. We are losing more and more trees than we need to. The houses are old they need insulations and updating with old electical wirring and heating also. Do we have anything that will encourage the citizen to do so, tax breaks,tax credits, they would be agood start.Whatabout the properties that are forclosed upon and are turning into eyesores and decay are you going to try to give some sort of credits to the peoples that attempt to repair them.We are having different races moving in this community. I am very upset to see my taxes going into translating the city informations. it is for theples that are moving in this area to learn the language not us to translate it. When I came in this country 42 years ago nobody translated anything for me I learned the english language in order to function in this society therefore everyone that come’s here should do the same thing. I object to that.Regarding to the Hollywood shopping area there should be some control in the signs in the windows otherwise we are going to start looking like Langley Park which looks absolutly decadent and repulsive just from the signs. It is not necessary to have 20 signs in the windows . This is why you pay for advertising so the stores don’t look like trash. This is why the better neighboorhood do well because they are controlled reagrding to what come’s in the area to appeal to a better class of customersand increase the value of the area rather than leaving it being stagnant.I like to see better things coming to the shopping area that would upgrade and invite people that drive on Rhodes Island to stop and purchase andbetter our economy Rather than look at a pawn shop stores that have not been updated since forever, second hand shops, anda dollar store . this show that the economy in the hollywood area is a depressed area and rather than trying to bring it upwe keeping it down…which is sad. Now that I have vented about the things that need to be done in College Park maybe you will reply.
    Sincerely Christiane Williams

  2. Christiane, I much appreciate your thoughtful comments. Like you, I advocate revitalization ideas of the four corner areas (Hollywood commercial areas).

    Please feel free to express your ideas, they are very valuable to our city.

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