Farmer's Market

Back in April, the City Council had a discussion on forming a committee to manage grow City’s recdently formed farmer’s market. This market started several months ago at the City Hall parking lot on Sunday morning. In addition to this market, another farmer’s market has been running for some time at Wells Skating Rink (Miller Farms) to start a second farmer’s market in the City on Sunday mornings at City Hall. The University of Maryland also runs another farmer’s market on Wednesdays.

During the worksession, where we discussed about forming the committee, we heard from City’s planning department and Mr. Miller about the work they did to form this market. I asked Mr. Miller if he’d be interested in starting out another farmer’s market in north College Park. I was encouraged by his positive response.

There are good reasons we should think about a farmer’s market in north College Park.

First, north College Park has the highest concentration of single family households in the City, thus a good amenity like a farmer’s market will be a good addition to this community. It’s true that these residents can always go to one of the three farmer’s market in downtown, however, a very few of them really go there because of not so friendly traffic on Route 1.

I’ve also been approached by a few very local residents-farmers, who expressed interests to join a farmer’s market if formed in north College Park. I used the term “residents-farmers”, because these resident grow organic vegetables in their backyards and local community gardens.

As for the place for a future north College Park farmer’s market goes, we can think of quite a few good options. The parking lot at the REI-MoM shopping place would be a good one, given the fact that a weekend market will definitely boost the businesses in the Hollywood shopping complex. The place near the concession stand near the Duvall Field or the Rhode Island Ave. service road, north of Edgwood Rd. can also be a good option.

These are all good ideas. So I’m curious to know your thoughts about this idea. Please let me know.