College Park Dog Park

Recently, a long time resident has made a suggestion of creating a dog park somewhere in Hollywood.

College Park does have a dog park, which is is located in Acredale Park, near the University of Maryland College Park campus. However there isn’t one in the Hollywood area, despite the fact that many residents do own dogs a park like that will be a welcome addition / amenity to the community.

The most important challenge will be to locate a suitable place for a dog park in Hollywood. Most of the Parks we have here are fairly busy. One suggestion is to find a possible extended area at the Davis Field play ground. I think I like the idea for several reasons.. First, the park is not very busy, compared to other park in the district, such as Duvall field and Birch field. The park is also at an isolated corner of the neighborhood, not at a busy intersection. Also, the park is owned by the City, thus turning into a dog park may be easier than getting this done by the PG Parks.

We should also be sensitive to the ideas of residents who use the park and may or may not be comfortable.  Membership is another factor that may need to be considered in creating a park – the Acredale park turned it into a membership program, where you have to pay and get a key, because there are different liability issues and you don’t want people with aggressive dogs using it or not working well with the other users of the park.

This is just an idea at the moment. Please let me know what you think.