After much thought, I decided to start this blog!!

But before I go into the hardcore neighborhood issues, I thought, I should write a little on the content of the blogs I’ll be posting in the coming days and weeks.

This blog will entirely be on the neighborhood I live – the North College Park.

I think it should be fair to say that I’ve this passion to make our neighborhood better place to live. Those of you who know me, either by personal contacts, or through the NCPCA activities,   already know what I’m talking about.

You’ll find me discussing many issues that matter us most in the neighborhood – issues such as public safety, Route 1 sector plan development, school overcrowding at the Hollywood Elementary, rent / noise control, business development, foreclosures and many others.

I’ll really appreciate if you can all please have your ideas known to me. Your issues may include those you might not see me covering in this blogosphere. The idea is to have an interactive and open discussion among us.

Please stay tuned!!