A Balancing Act is an online budgeting tool that the City is incorporating to make the process of getting budget feedback from you, our community, even easier.

We are in the early stages of preparing the proposed budget for fiscal year 2025, which begins July 1st of 2024. The City wants to hear from you what you think are the most important initiatives for the City to invest in.

To accomplish this, we have set up a survey of 16 core initiatives, plus a suggestion box.

You can take the survey at www.collegeparkmd.gov/budgetfeedback.

There, you’ll be able to select and rank the five services you think are most important. If there is an idea or priority that we have not identified, you can add it in via the “your suggestion” box.

Whether it’s better streets, additional police patrols, or more community events, let us know what areas are crucial to helping the City accomplish its mission of providing excellent services, transparent and inclusive governance, and advocating for our residents to enhance the quality of life for our diverse community.