Early this year, as part of the current budget discussion, I had the opportunity to request funds in the FY23 budget for an online tutoring program for College Park’s students.

In my request, I wrote “The COVID-19 has given our school students the opportunity learn school lessons online. The PGCPS also has provided our students laptops for the online learning. The City has also taken initiative to add supplemental in-class tutoring at one of City schools. Building on these initiatives, we now have unique opportunities to provide supplemental after school online tutoring classes to College Park students. The City could partner with an established online tutoring program”.

Thanks to my City Council colleagues, $30,000 was approved in the budget for an online tutoring program for College Park students outside of regular school hours.

A representative from Imagine Learning presented to the Education Advisory Committee (EAC) at its meeting on 8/15/2022. The EAC supports the City considering implementation of Imagine Learning’s online tutoring offerings for College Park students. Aaron Cole, Account Executive from Imagine Learning, will present and provide information on the available programs to the Mayor and Council. The proposal for the City of College Park from Imagine Learning includes a math platform with on-demand support for grades 3 and up, and a reading platform with individualized support for grades K-12.

The MyPath reading platform identifies each student’s essential skills to catch up, keep up, and move ahead. It creates personalized learning paths using research-based, developmentally appropriate lessons to meet students exactly where they are. MyPath creates personalized learning paths based on each student’s content area knowledge and grade to deliver age-appropriate instruction for all learners.

Representatives from the “Imagine Learning” and the EAC will discuss the online platform at tomorrow’s Council meeting.

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