Update on the Rhode Island / Greenbelt Road Intersection Improvement Project

In case you’re interested in knowing the latest update on Greenbelt Road at Rhode Island Avenue project, here is what is happening.

  • The bike lane striping across Greenbelt Road is incomplete and there is a low spot in the crown of the road as you can see in the photograph.
  • Staff spoke with the current project manager this morning about the incomplete work. The project manager is going to meet with the contractor later today to go over our concerns and other items that need to be corrected.
  •  The Contractors contract should be over this coming October and the work should be totally complete.  Hopefully, the project will be completed sooner.

Here is a little background in case you’re interested:

There was always a pedestrian safety problem at this intersection because you had to cross 5 lanes of traffic.  The problem became more evident in 2014 when SHA resurfaced and restriped Greenbelt Road.  A left-turning problem developed at Rhode Island Avenue that made the Pedestrian problem worse. In 2016 SHA began to address the pedestrian crossing problem.

Thanks to our City staff who have been keeping an eye on the project..

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