The Prince George’s County Department of the Environment will host the second virtual Community Meeting on the Climate Action Plan (CAP) on Thursday, June 24, 6:30-8:30 PM. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the discussion of the priority recommendations of the Climate Action Commission. Facilitated discussions in breakout rooms will enable participants in this virtual meeting to share how they envision county programs for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for more heat and extreme precipitation. What challenges, impacts, barriers, and opportunities will your neighborhood experience? How can the county make programs more equitable and inclusive? Your input, including the oral discussions and comments written in the chat, will be used to help shape County programs for implementing the CAP.

Register here.

There will be two breakout sessions with a different topic for discussion in each room. Registrants can indicate which breakout rooms they would like to participate in. The first breakout session options includes, accelerating renewable energy and energy storage which also covers climate controlled storage, transitioning to electric vehicles, preparing communities for flooding, reducing County waste and community outreach and engagement

Second breakout session options:
Increasing energy efficiency
Enhancing walkability and bike-ability
Developing community resilience hubs
Sustainable food systems and access to healthy foods Implementing the CAP through County planning and operations

Written comments about the CAP can be sent via this public input form.

Visit for more about climate solutions in the DMV area.