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Kabir has served as a District 1 council member for four terms — and, because his race isn’t contested, he’s set to win his fifth in November.

Nonetheless, Kabir said he’s taking the time to engage with his constituency, as he would in a more competitive election, to learn more about their concerns.

“Right now I am going door-to-door, knocking on doors and talking to residents,” he said.

It’s a process Kabir said he values greatly, and one he worries would be lost if council term lengths are changed from two to four years — a referendum on this year’s ballot. Kabir said he worries this move would decrease accountability for those in office and reduce communication between officials and their constituents.

“If you asked me to vote today, [based] on personal opinion, I would not support it,” Kabir said.

In his upcoming term, Kabir said he hopes to continue pushing along projects, such as renovations to the Hollywood neighborhood streetscape and Duvall Field, as well as adding a dog park to the Hollywood community. Kabir said these projects have “dragged on” for a long time but are approaching full funding or completion.

He also hopes to bring more parks and fields (plus community space) to his district. District 1, Kabir said, is a quarter of the city, but has nearly half of the city’s single-family homes. Kabir said the district needs places for people of all ages to gather and programs that fit resident needs.