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228 Townhome Development Planned in North College Park

Two development proposals are in the works to build 228 single-family townhomes (attached homes) in the Cherry Hill / Autoville neighborhood

(a) Paint BranchPreserve North: 131 Single Family Attached Residential Units 4711, 4801 Cherry Hill Road and 9624, 9626, 9628, 9700, 9702 Autoville Drive (Block B Lots 1 and 19 and Parcels 5, 150, 178, 15, 14 and 16; Zoning: NAC and RMF-20). The development will have 66 units 22 ft front-loaded townhomes and 65 units 20 ft rear integral townhomes.

(b) Paint BranchPreserve South: 97 Single Family Attached Residential Units at 4300, 4302 Peru Road, and 9606 Autoville Drive, College Park,(Parcels 21, 24, and 112; Zoning: NAC). This development will have 97 units 20 ft rear integral townhomes.

According to the project documents,

  • The property will be served by two primary points of access. Access will be from Cherry Hill Road and Autoville Drive.
  • All units will have two have a two-car garage.
  • Units will have a combination of three and four stories (or three stories with optional lofts).
  • A centrally located open space amenity area is also planned.
  • Disbursed guest parking is provided throughout the property with an emphasis on parking proximate to the amenity area.
  • The site will include native species landscaping in conformance with the Prince George’s County Landscape Manual and will adequately address the Tree Canopy Coverage requirements.

There will be a Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting at 6:30 PM (doors open at 6 PM), on August 31, at Mamma Lucia, 4734 Cherry Hill Road, College Park to review and discussion of the development proposals. A developer representative will be available to answer questions

The following concept plans are preliminary in nature and are subject to changes.

Paint branch preserve north

Paint branch preserve south


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  1. Harvy

    I think this is a bad idea for several reasons, most notably the added traffic to a notorious intersection (Rt 1 and Cherry Hill). Has the city taken a position on this?

  2. Chris

    Autoville into Cherry Hill is already pretty bad from a traffic management standpoint. Will there by any updates to it, or the Cherry Hill area between Rte 1 and Home Depot in order to accommodate the increased residents?

  3. Michael Ellis

    Destroying biodiverse Paint Branch riparian forest behind Mazza GradMarc, this is absolutely tragic to our watershed and parkland, the project and the traffic this will bring is not good for our community.

  4. Donald Hays

    This seems like more urban sprawl and no the direction our town should head. Between the tree loss (probably over 100 heritage trees), already overutilized roads, and lack of public transit it’s difficult to imagine a worse idea/location.

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