Home Owners’ Tax Credit – Apply by Oct 1st

The State Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit Program allows income-eligible homeowner’s to receive a reduced property tax bill. For more information about this program, click here. Applications are due by October 1st annually. Please apply now. This program can be used in conjunction with the homestead tax credit program.

MARTLEAF® Compost and Wood Mulch are available!

MARTLEAF® Compost and Wood Mulch are available again at the Public Works facility.

  • Compost is $28.00 per cubic yard, and wood mulch is $12.00 per cubic yard.
  • Material may be picked up at Public Works on Mon.-Fri. between 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m or during Public Work’s clean-up days on October 8 and October 22, 2022 between 7:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
  • You do not need to be a resident to purchase.
  • Delivery is available through October and can be arranged for an additional fee – visit www.collegeparkmd.gov/CompostMulchDelivery to place an order. For further questions, please call 240-487-3593.

Free Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling Disposal Day – This Saturday

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise: New Variant, BA.5

Due to the highly transmissible BA.5 variant, COVID-19 cases have been steadily rising.

Residents six months and older should get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible if they are not already, and those 5 and older should get a booster dose (if you are 50 or older you can get a second booster dose).

Continue to get tested if you feel sick or were exposed to someone with COVID-19. If you test positive, please stay home for at least five days and follow CDC guidelines. COVID-19 treatment is also available at pharmacies across the region as part of the federal government’s Test-To-Treat program.

The Test-To-Treat Program allows people who test positive for COVID-19 to receive proper treatment. You can get a prescription after meeting with a doctor on-site or through telehealth. Locate a Test-To-Treat site here.

COVID-19 Testing Sites
For more information about COVID-19 testing or to use the County testing site locator to find a testing site near you, click here to visit the County Health Department website.
COVID-19 testing locations in the District 1 area include the following:
Wells Ice Rink Parking Lot
5211 Campus Drive, College Park, MD 20740
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

At-home rapid COVID-19 test kits can be purchased at major pharmacies and retailers in-store and online.

Patients are encouraged to report their at-home rapid test results by visiting covidlink.maryland.gov/selfreport to report positive results directly to the Maryland Department of Health.

Please note: Ordering through the free COVID-19 rapid test kits program from the federal government was suspended on September 2, 2022. Visit covid.gov/tests for more information.

UMD Now Ranks a Top 20 Public School

The University of Maryland climbed a spot to No. 19 among the nation’s top public schools, according to new ratings released recently by U.S. News & World Report, according to teh UMD Today.

Among public institutions, UMD is tied with Rutgers University, Florida State University and the University of Washington in the 2022-23 “Best Colleges” report. Maryland also ranked No. 55 among all U.S. universities, rising from No. 59 last year.

Business: UMD ranked 23rd overall, and No. 13 among public institutions, with four top 25 specialties:

Computer Science: UMD rose to No. 16 nationally in this category and No. 8 among publics, with four specialties in the top 25.

Engineering: UMD ranked 22rd overall, and No. 11 among public institutions, with five top 25 specialties.

You can read more about the news here.

EcoGrads Developer Agrees to Have More Parking

The proposed development is to construct a 7-story, mixed-use building, including 123 furnished studio apartments that could accommodate up to 256 beds, and 2,300 square feet of retail.

The Applicant is required to provide 109 parking spaces on site but was requesting a modification of the Development District Standards to provide only 60 spaces on site and an additional 50 spaces off site in a month-to-month agreement with the owners of the Cambria and The Hotel.

At the September 6 Worksession, there was concern expressed by the Council that the lack of on-site parking would negatively impact the adjacent neighborhood, and that the proposed agreement was inadequate. Other proffers from the Applicant were considered including a private shuttle and a per-space penalty payment for any spaces not available through the agreement. The

After further discussions with the Applicant and M-NCPPC staff, the Applicant is proposing to return to their original plan and provide all required parking spaces on site. The plan will not include a private shuttle service exclusively for the apartment residents.

Staff has drafted revised conditions to reflect this change. The Planning Board hearing is scheduled for September 29, 2022.

Getting City Information to Non-English Speaking Residents

At next week’s City Council meeting, the Council will discuss the expansion of Community Outreach in Non-English Languages and opportunities to expand our language accessibility further.

Below is a list of current and expanded methods for accessing City information for residents who are non-English speakers.

1. City’s website features a Google translate widget in the bottom right corner that allows for automatic translation in more than 100 languages. As we have reduced the number of pdfs on our site by adding content to the pages themselves, much of our content can be translated automatically to increase accessibility. Most, if not all, browsers (including mobile) now feature native/automatic language translation of websites and HTML pages when the browser detects content in a language that is not the primary language assigned by the user and computer. For instance, if a user is a native Spanish speaker and has their browser/computer/mobile device set to the Spanish language when they visit our website, the browser will automatically ask the user if they would like it translated into Spanish or just automatically translate it. If on a desktop, users can also right-click on the page and click “Translate to…” to change the language or the translation icon in the URL bar. On mobile, users need to tap on the Aa icon and click on “Translate to…” if their mobile device has multiple languages set or the page is in another language.

2. In the summer of 2019, the City switched its Municipal Scene from a pdf (non-translatable document) to a digital magazine HTML5 format that would allow for automatic language translation, scalable text and reader capability. The Municipal Scene is published on the first business day of each month. Due to its timely nature, a digital method of translation was preferred so as not to delay the publication and because of its wider language and accessibility reach. Staff is working on adding a note to the monthly newsletter
informing residents how the content can be translated.

3. The Weekly Bulletin and other e-newsletters will automatically translate in email and browser applications (like websites) or by right-clicking and selecting translate. Staff is working the College Park Here and Now to enable its insert “The College Park Post” to be automatically translated/scaled/e-reader accessible. As part of our upcoming agreement with the newspaper, the City’s insert will be posted to their site (unchanged and un-edited) like their other content in HTML to allow for in-browser translation. Once this feature is ready, the City will add a note to its section informing residents how to translate the insert.

The City’s Resident Guide has historically been translated into Spanish, and a Spanish language version is available on our website to read or to print. Notice of the Spanish version is also in the booklet, and in the newest edition, one of the feature articles informs residents how to translate City publications. Other City publications like Living in College Park have also been translated and printed in Spanish for distribution.

The City hosted a Spanish-focused event, Salsa Night, at the July Friday Night Live event. Event notices for College Park Day have been in Spanish, including a Spanish language flyer that will be distributed to local schools and through the Hispanic Parent Support Group (which is managed by the City’s Department of Youth, Family and Senior Services). When available, the Hispanic Parent Support Group has had a presence at City events. Staff is looking at increasing event notices in Spanish for wider access.

Staff has been using the Language Line service for phone calls; the service provides interpreters to assist callers and City staff in real time. It is also used in the field by Code and Parking Enforcement Officers and Contract Police when immediate interpretation is needed. Since January, this service has been used 32 times, predominately for Spanish. Councilmembers may use the Language Line service for phone calls and request an interpreter for a Community meeting.

Residents may request an interpreter or captioning service for City Council and advisory board meetings through the City Clerk’s Office. Three days’ advance notice is requested to allow for accommodation. When the City provides written material to the residents of Attick Towers, it is provided in English and Korean.

In the last two Municipal Elections, all election-related material provided by the City was translated into Spanish.

Major public communications, such as modified exhaust system signs, are now being provided in English and Spanish.

[City of College Park]

WSSC Emergency Work Tonight

WSSC will be repairing the water main that crosses under Rhode Island Avenue at Muskogee Street overnight on Friday, 9/16. As a result, traffic on Rhode Island Avenue may be temporarily detoured until the work is completed.

Rabies and Microchip Clinic for City Pets

The City’s Animal Control and Animal Welfare Committee are hosting a Rabies and Microchip Clinic for City pets on October 2, 2022 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Appointments are required; register at https://oct2022rabiesclinic.eventbrite.com

Frances Tiafoe Celebration Event – Friday Sept. 16

Join Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks and JTCC for a Welcome Home Celebration for tennis star Frances Tiafoe.

Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland are so proud of Frances Tiafoe, a native Prince Georgian who became the first American man to make it to the U.S. Open Semifinals since 2006. During the U.S. Open, he beat the #2 tennis player in the world, Rafael Nadal.

Join us as we congratulate Tiafoe on his impressive performance at the U.S. Open and wish him well in his upcoming tournaments.

Light refreshments will be served.


Upcoming WSSC Project Work

WSSC will be working at a variety of locations within your districts as indicated in the notification from WSSC. You can download the notice here.

Rhode Island Ave Protected Bike Lanes Construction to Start Soon

The City has been working with the community to finalize design plans to improve the bike lanes between Greenbelt Road and Muskogee Street on Rhode Island Avenue. The project team has prepared construction documents that include partial green lanes and the use of flex posts at intersections.

The plans also include new bus stops according to WMATA standards and minor intersection adjustments. At tomorrow’s meeting the Council will consider awarding a contract to construct the protected bike lanes.

As part of the design, the road’s speed limit is proposed to be lowered from 35mph to 30 mph. Lowering the speed limit can help make the road safer for bicyclists and motorists. There will most likely be a public hearing or some sort of public input process on the speed limit change.

Ownership and maintenance of Rhode Island Avenue have been transferred to the City from Prince George’s County. As part of this agreement, resurfacing and some roadway striping have been completed by the County. At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving a contract for the construction of the Rhode Island Avenue buffered bike lanes in the amount of $426,585.

Council Approves Curbside Food Scrap Composting Program

At last week’s meeting., the Council awarded a contract for the new Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program.

The goal of the program was to begin the process of diverting food waste from the landfill, which comprises of approximately 25% of discarded municipal solid waste, and to gauge the number of participants for possible expansion of the program. Food waste mixed with other trash disposed of at the landfill releases methane, a greenhouse gas, and takes up precious space at our landfill.

DPW has been managing several drop off locations and over the last three years, residents have dropped off and diverted over 75 tons of food scraps from the landfill. Diverting food scrap saves in tipping fees and provides the material for composting, which is a natural aerobic decomposition of organic matter into nutrient rich soil.

The City issued an RFP to advertise for the Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program. Staff recommends the award of this contract to Agricity for the new Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program

County to Enforce Teen Curfew

Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks has announced a teen curfew, for at least 30 days, starting last midnight. This will affect teens under 17. The curfew states teens must be home unless accompanied by an adult, from Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM and between the hours of 11:59 PM and 5 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Legal guardians can be fined up to $250 for repeated violations and could have their children turned over to the Department of Social Services.

Some exceptions to the curfew apply, such as youth accompanied by a parent/guardian or youth that are at a place of employment.

To learn more about the new curfew, read the message from the County Executive here and view the press conference here.

Access to Metzerott Road from Route 1 to Close Permanently Next Week

Access to Metzerott Road from Baltimore Avenue/Route 1 closes permanently on September 15, 2022.

According to the SHA, the US 1 Road Widening Project is reaching a milestone for the section between Lakeland Road and University Blvd. Metzerott Road will be permanently closed to motorized traffic (cars, trucks, and motorcycles) at Baltimore Avenue, between Jiffy Lube and Rita’s very soon. Variable message boards will be placed strategically along the US 1 corridor by Friday to advise those motor vehicle operators of the change that is coming. Metzerott Road will be reconstructed into a shared path for pedestrians and bicyclist to enter and leave Acerdale Park from Baltimore Avenue