Council to Honor Jack Robson

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Mayor and Council will make a proclamation in recognition of many contributions to Jack Robson for his myriad contributions to the City for over four decades.

Jack was appointed to the Supervisors of Elections for College Park in May 1994, becoming the Chief Election Supervisor in 1997.

Jack was also appointed to the College Park Airport Authority in May 2004.

Tomorrow’s proclamation reads – People who know Jack have this to say:
• Jack is efficient, effective and ethical, and is one of those people who just gets things done;
• Jack has strong opinions, but he is also a good listener and is patient and intentional in
training and mentoring those with a desire to learn from his experience.
• He is very interested in the College Park Airport and has worked hard for its welfare over
the years;
• His consistency in managing the process of a City Election is impressive and it has been my
pleasure learning from him;
• I have always appreciated and respected our discourse, whether we were in agreement or

Pollinator Week – Save the Date!

From June 20 through 26, 2021, the City will be celebrating National Pollinator Week. The Bee City USA Committee is inviting all City residents to celebrate this year’s Pollinator Week with a safe and fun family-friendly activity to learn about pollination and protect our local pollinators: the ULTIMATE POLLINATOR BINGO OF COLLEGE PARK! Three lucky participants will even win a bee hotel just by submitting their bingo card! More information and the bingo card is available at www.collegeparkmd.gov/pollinators.

[City of College Park]

Platform Improvement Project Update for Greenbelt Station

Two weeks into the Summer 2021 Platform Improvement Project work, the project team has already demolished the existing platforms at Greenbelt Station.

Construction crews began by prepping the site with a temporary access ramp for the crane to access the platform during demolition work. Once the site was mobilized, crews got to work demolishing the existing platform tiles and topping slab. In the mezzanine area, the construction team installed a primer on the skylights, removed the existing fare gates and fare machines and installed new slip-resistant tiles and lighting fixtures. In the coming weeks they will pour the new platform edge, install the granite edges, lay conduit for the CCTV, lighting, and fire alarm systems and install the structures for the new customer experience improvements.

Read more in our latest construction update: https://wmata.com/service/rail/PlatformProject/Two-weeks-into-the-Summer-2021-Platform-Improvement-Project-work.cfm

Or, sign up to receive project updates here: https://wmata.us20.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=43a25de97c3751f8ad8bb03f2&id=d3f2eebce1

(WMATA Press release)

Community Meeting on Parking Enforcement and Door-to-Door Solicitation

Please join City Elected Officials, Police, City staff, and your neighbors from all around the City, for an informative monthly reoccurring meeting.

The June meeting will be taking place on Monday, June 14 at 7:30 p.m. via zoom. Zoom link:http://b.link/CPCommunityPolice or  https://zoom.us/j/96168994626.

The main topic of this month’s meeting is Parking enforcement. We’ll also discuss door-to-door solicitations in the neighborhood streets.

Additionally, this community meeting will discuss City-wide crime statistics, recent incidents of public interest, neighborhood watch tips, and special public safety-related topics.

To facilitate City-wide participation, these will be virtual meetings that you may join in from your home. Please invite your neighbors so that this useful information may be shared throughout the City.

Topic: Public Safety Discussion

Join Zoom Meeting:

http://b.link/CPCommunityPolice or

Meeting ID: 961 6899 4626
Passcode: 463081

Dial by your location: 301-715-8592 US (Washington DC)
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acuhqqC7Vm

Current Career Opportunities at City of College Park. New jobs openings

Family Therapist
City of College Park – College Park, Maryland
FAMILY THERAPIST Clinician/outreach worker for a community-based family counseling agency. Requires sound clinical skills (8-10 family clinical caseload) plus demonstrated community outreach experience.

Laborer – Grounds
City of College Park – College Park, Maryland
LABORER -Grounds Full-time laborer position for a municipal Public Works department. Duties will be primarily landscape and grounds maintenance work, plus a variety of manual labor tasks

Racial Equity Officer
City of College Park – College Park, Maryland
Racial Equity Officer An Overview Is your professional purpose aligned with leading an organization in achieving the goal of racial equity and advancement opportunities for all?

Temporary Summer Position
City of College Park – College Park, Maryland
TEMPORARY SUMMER POSITION The City of College Park is looking for full or part-time temporary help for the summer to supplement landscaping crew staff. Hours are between 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Groundskeeper II
City of College Park – College Park, Maryland
A full-time position requiring four years’ experience in commercial landscape maintenance. Must possess basic knowledge of landscape maintenance tasks such as planting, pruning, and watering trees, etc.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact:
Human Resources
City of College Park
For a complete listing of available jobs, please visit our career site at: https://collegeparkmd.applicantpool.com

Council Discusses Proposed projects for the City’s Program Open Space allocation for FY ’22

At tonight’s meeting, the Council discussed how to utilize and prioritize our POS allocations going forward. The total existing acquisition allocation available including the unused and reprogrammed funding and excluding this year’s allocation $867,687.90

Staff recommended prioritizing POS acquisition to encumber fund allocations dating back to FY 2008. Funds not encumbered for specific projects and approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works risk being recaptured by the State.

Last year staff presented 3 properties to be considered for purchase, but none were selected: 4700 Edgewood Road (the old spooky house property), Branchville Road and 5100 Roanoke Place. Recently, contact was made with the owner of 8807 and 8811 Rhode Island Avenue, also known as the Washington Post properties, who indicated an interest in selling. Properties acquired with POS funds must remain as parks, recreation use, or open space in perpetuity. Property could also be used for planting trees to increase the City’s tree canopy coverage. 4700 Edgewood Road and the Rhode Island Avenue properties have some potential for development, but the others do not. Possible new projects for development include the design and construction of improvements at the Sentinel Swamp Sanctuary and the College Park Swim Club property.

City Council generally agreed to use $459,497.16 for development projects and the balance of $867,681.06 for acquisition projects. Development allocations could be distributed as follows: retain funds for Hollywood Fitness Trail ($94,712), establish a Phase 2 Duvall Field renovation project (use $75,809.39 of reverted funds), establish a new Sentinel Swamp Sanctuary design and construction project ($150,000), establish a new design and construction project for the College Park Woods Swim Club property ($138,975.77).

Council also expressed interest in acquiring 5100 Roanoke Place and the Washington Post properties. The Council may discuss these two properties at a future executive / closed session in the future.

Lakeland S.T.A.R.S. to Showcase its Achievements During a Pandemic Year

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will receive a presentation about the Lakeland STARs (Students Taking Active Responsibility) program.

The Lakeland STARS is an after-school program providing individualized tutoring/mentoring services for approximately 60 Paint Branch Elementary School students by the University of Maryland/College Park Scholars and the City’s Youth and Family Services.

The City performs administrative and transportation functions and hires two school staff who know the children and help monitor behavior for this after-school program. The University of Maryland also provides administrative functions as well as UMD Coordinators, tutors, and day-to-day activities.

This school year, for the first time in its history, the program has been 100% virtual. More information on this partnership can be found here. The Lakeland STARs program will begin its 25th year during the 2021-2022 school year.

Outdoor rally to oppose the plan for privately run toll lanes on the Beltway

When: 12:00 noon this Tuesday, June 8
Where: On grounds of First Baptist Church Rockville, 55 Adclare Road, Rockville
Our message: Stop the P3 Boondoggle

Driving directions: From I-270, take Exit 6 East toward Rockville. Make the first right onto Adclare Road.
Sponsors: DontWiden270, Citizens Against Beltway Expansion, Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition

In spite of intense opposition by the neighborhoods and communities that will feel its sharpest impact, the State is pushing ahead with a vote this Tuesday by the Maryland Transportation Authority to approve a contract for the 495-270 toll lane widening plan—the first step in their march toward final approval of this misguided project.

This project will turn Maryland’s transportation policy into a plaything of private profit for decades to come. Just in the last weeks, we have learned that if the toll lane project goes forward, a hidden contract clause will block construction of rail transit over the American Legion Bridge until 2087.

More Metrobus Service Starts Sunday

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, June 6, Metro customers who need to get to work or home late at night will have more options when Metrobus extends late-night service on dozens of bus lines throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia. Buses on 36 of Metro’s busiest routes will operate until 2 a.m., seven days a week, providing a vital link for those that depend on public transit.

The return of late-night bus service coincides with the region’s pandemic recovery as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and the region prepares to fully reopen. In addition, Metro will add more frequent service and restore more routes as part of service improvements to more than 60 routes. The service changes will increase Metrobus service to approximately 85 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

Learn more: https://www.wmata.com/about/news/Late-night-Metrobus-service-expands-additional-service-restored-starting-Sunday.cfm?fbclid=IwAR0MhBUCU3O1f0kmFhvxKzmPyURatXvoBIuY-I4Kvy350YTN6nli6QQajXE

City’s Parking Permit System has Gone Virtual!

In case your current parking permits scheduled to expire on June 30th – this message is for you! Please read on..

It is time to renew them before July 1st, 2021. Beginning Monday, June 14th you may apply online for virtual permits for the vehicle(s) that are registered to your College Park address by going to collegepark.aimsparking.com, or you may opt to apply by mail to, or in person, at our City Hall offices, located at 8400 Baltimore Avenue, suite 375, College Park, MD 20740 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. City’s Davis Hall location will accept walk-in services ONLY between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.

As we transition to this new technology, physical permits will no longer be required to be displayed as long as your vehicle(s) is/are registered with the city for your permit area. However, physical visitor passes will still be available for your guests for the upcoming permit year period, which you must request. Both virtual permits and visitor passes will be free of charge. If you wish to register your vehicle for a permit and/or obtain visitor passes for your residence, you will need to indicate this, regardless of how you apply (online, by mail, or in-person). Either way, your vehicle(s) will need to be registered for your permit area in order to park on the street at or near your residence.


*You may apply for permits for each vehicle that is registered to your College Park address by providing a copy of the vehicle registration at the time of application (Please Note – Quantity limitations apply as to the number of permits and visitor passes allocated to each property address within the permit restricted area). If you wish to obtain visitor passes only you must request them. You may apply online at collegepark.aimsparking.com, or by going here for an application form to either be mailed in or brought in person to our City Hall offices.


*In addition to providing a copy of your vehicle registration, each tenant must also submit a copy of his or her signed lease agreement as proof of residency, along with a valid photo ID at the time of application. If the vehicle has out-of-state license plates (other than Maryland), you must apply in person. (Please Note – Quantity limitations apply as to the number of permits and visitor passes allocated to each property address within the permit restricted area). If you wish to obtain visitor passes only you must request them. You may apply online at collegepark.aimsparking.com, or by going here for an application form to either be mailed in or brought in person to our City Hall offices.

In addition, City Code prohibits the use of visitor passes more than two hundred (200) feet from the property address to which they have been issued and may not be used in lieu of registering the vehicle for a residential parking permit if the individual to which the vehicle belongs resides at your address (Penalties will apply if found in violation of this ordinance).


*If you are required to bring a company vehicle home as part of your employment you must include a letter from your employer confirming such, as well as a copy of the vehicle registration in order to apply for a parking permit for that vehicle. (Please Note – Vehicles that may violate the city’s ‘Prohibited Vehicle’ ordinance will not be permitted to register for a parking permit, nor park on any residential street(s) within the City limits at any time).

Lastly, Maryland State law prohibits out-of-state vehicles from remaining in Maryland for a period longer than sixty (60) days unless you are a member of the military on assignment and can provide such paperwork from either a local military establishment or base within the Washington Metropolitan area. With this in mind, the City of College Park will not issue, or allow to be issued any parking permit for out-of-state licensed vehicles unless the owner/operator does one of the following:

1. Register the vehicle in Maryland and purchase Maryland State tags/license plates, or;

2. Purchase a Non-Resident permit. Non-Resident permits are available at the city’s Finance Office, located at 8400 Baltimore Avenue, suite 375, for $31.00, and are payable by check, cash, or credit card. The Non-Resident permit allows you to operate your vehicle in the state of Maryland and park on public or private property (with permission of the property owner). The Non-Resident permit will expire at the same time as your vehicle’s out-of-state registration, or a maximum of one (1) year from the issue date of the permit, whichever is earlier.


If your vehicle is displaying out-of-state license plates, you must apply in person at our City Hall offices to obtain both a Non-Resident permit, as well as to register your vehicle for a virtual parking permit for your area.

To apply for/register your vehicles for the necessary permits associated with your property address, you must either go online to collegepark.aimsparking.com, apply by mail to, or in person at our City Hall offices, located at 8400 Baltimore Avenue, suite 375, College Park, MD 20740 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions regarding permit parking for your area, the transition to virtual permits, or the non-resident permit program for out-of-state licensed vehicles, please contact our office at the number listed above. For a list of enforcement hours for your area, please visit our website at this link.


[Source: Department of Public Services/Parking Enforcement Division/City of College Park, MD]

City and Ms. Hampton Agree to End Employment Relationship

Yesterday, after much reflection, the Mayor and City Council and Ms. Hampton announced an end to their employment relationship.​

The City hired Ms. Natasha Hampton at its May 4 City Council meeting as the new City manager. She was to succeed former City Manager Scott Somers.

A new search will start soon.

Please contact City’s Communications & Events Manager Ryna Quinones if you’ve any questions: by email: rquinones@collegeparkmd.gov or by phone at (240) 487-3508.
More here

Register for Your Vaccine Today. Appointments Available and Walk-Ins Welcome!

You can receive a COVID-19 vaccine through our County Health Department clinics, the State of Maryland, or a privately-run pharmacy. mypgc.us/COVIDVaccine

Puede recibir una vacuna contra la COVID-19 en nuestras clínicas de salud del condado, el estado de Maryland, o una farmacia privada. mypgc.us/COVIDVaccine

Vaccine Walk-Ins
It’s even easier to get vaccinated and protected from COVID! You can either walk in to get vaccinated at County Health Department clinics, or you can schedule an appointment. See your options at mypgc.us/COVIDvaccine. #ProudtobeProtected

¡Es aún más fácil vacunarse y protegerse del COVID! Puede vacunarse sin cita previa en las clínicas del Departamento de salud del condado, o puede programar una cita. Vea sus opciones en mypgc.us/COVIDvaccine. #ProudtobeProtected

Free Summer Parking at the City’s Downtown Garage

In case you didn’t know, starting May 24, 2021, the City started offering free summer parking at the City’s Downtown Garage all-day Saturdays and Sundays and weekday evenings after 5:00 p.m. Hurry, this promotion ends on August 22, 2021! Visit your favorite Downtown College Park restaurant or business this summer!