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Let’s Thank the Public Works Crew and the Snow Shoveling Brigade

Over the past two days, the City received about 13 inches of snow. Let’s take a moment to thank the Public works crew for keeping our streets clean.

Also, let’s thank a dedicated group of volunteers who came together yesterday and today and helped their neighbors in needs of snow shoveling. In particular, my sincere thanks go to the members of the snow shoveling brigade that took care of a number of houses in north College Park. They include Ryan, Tiffany, Darren, Patrick, Todd, Samir, Imran, Ann, Zakaria, Hena, and their families. I am sure there are many more neighbors who went out on their own and helped their neighbors. It’s the togetherness that makes us a strong community.

Due to the winter weather, refuse and recycling collections will be shifted forward one day for this week. Monday collections will be collected on Tuesday, Tuesday’s collections on Wednesday, and Wednesday’s collections on Thursday.

Winter Weather Update

Department of Public Works crews continue to clear routes. Crews are plowing/ salting routes. We have about 6 inch accumulation and could get 3 more inches. As soon as we clear down to asphalt, the heavier snow covers the route up again and we need to retreat and re-plow. DPW will continue to monitor conditions and work to keep roads clear in College Park. Residents can help us by parking off streets and in driveways and park close to curbs.

Please be aware that shoveling snow can pose a health hazard, so only shovel if your physical condition allows.

And please remember that wet snow is heavy and can be hazardous. Do not shovel snow if you have a heart condition or any other medical conditions and, always, no matter your situation, never over exert yourself. Please be safe in these weather conditions.

Thank you all who have volunteered so far. We still need a couple of volunteers based on the requests we have from our elderly neighbors and neighbors with a disability. As you’ve seen we’re having more accumulations (up to 6 inches) than what was forecasted before. Thank you!

Cold Weather Tips

• After walking your pets, be sure to rinse off and dry your pets paws, legs and stomach to remove any ice and snow, ice melt or chemicals that are used to melt snow. Pay particular attention to between the toes. If you notice that your cat’s teeth are starting to come out, go to catlicking.com to read some tips on how to survive kitten teething.

• If there are outdoor cats in your neighborhood, bang loudly on your car hood before starting the engine to give them a chance to escape.

• Bring your pets in when the temperature drops below freezing. Cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia and should not be outside for long periods of time. Very young and older dogs are more susceptible to the cold, so limit their time outside when the temperature is below freezing. If your pet has a heavy coat of fur and prefers the outdoors, County law requires a house of proper size that is dry, draft free and at least two inches off the ground. Make sure the pet has access to clean, fresh and not frozen water.

• Antifreeze is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Be sure to clean up any spills so your pet will not be tempted to taste.

• Don’t leave your pets alone in cars in winter. Cars are just as dangerous in cold weather as in hot weather for your pet. Cars act as refrigerators and hold the cold and can cause animals to freeze to death.

City Apparel and Merchandise Now on Sale

Showcase your City pride with one (or three) of our awesome new t-shirts, hoodies, polos, youth clothes or bags.

First debuted at College Park Day, the full collection is now available online. Sizes and quantities are limited. Purchases can be made online or at City Hall – most major credit cards and cash are accepted. 

All purchased items must be picked up at City Hall only – we currently do not ship any orders.

Contact apparel@collegeparkmd.gov for any questions.
Check out all of the available items at www.collegeparkmd.gov/store.

[Source: City of College Park]

Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting: Budget Forum

NCPCA – Your neighborhood association

7:35  NCPCA City Budget Priorities Forum.  The City Council will soon develop its budget for the next fiscal year.  Please bring your questions and concerns about things that should be priorities for our neighborhood.  NCPCA will formalize a set of recommendations in February.

8:15  NCPCA Picnic Update.  Marci Booth will present the latest information about planning for a picnic event in Spring, 2019.

8:20  P.G. Zoning Code Rewrite Update.  Judy Blumenthal and John Krouse will present information about NCPCA efforts to understand the new zoning code and any changes that should be pursued under advisement of our legal counsel.

8:25  Duvall Field Focus Group.  John Krouse was asked to serve on a focus group, and a public forum is scheduled at Davis Hall on January 17 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  Your concerns are welcome now.

8:30 Break & Refreshments.  Members are always welcome to bring something to share while all of us enjoy a quick break.

8:40  NCPCA Bylaws Forum.  Please refer to bylaws at  https://myncpca.org/legal/The following proposals and any others will be discussed for introduction at our February meeting:

1.  Article 1 Name.  Propose continuation of name of NCPCA as North College Park Community Association for all public purposes, and retain name of North College Park Citizens Association for incorporation and tax purposes. 

2.  Article IV Membership Section 3 Dues.  Propose elimination of text related to mailing costs.  With this change, NCPCA will no longer mail agenda and minutes to members or charge different dues.  Propose dues increase to $10 per person for all members will be effective beginning June 1.

3.  Article V Meeting Section 5 Quorum.  Propose quorum as a meeting of at least seven NCPCA members.

Council Reviews Proposals to Cut Abuse in City’s Bulk Trash Collection

At last night’s meeting, the City Council continued to discuss the increases in volume and costs associated with Special and Bulk Trash collections. Included the FY 19 budget was funding for a solid waste study to evaluate the City’s solid waste collection program. Overall, the consultant (SCS Engineers) proposes the followings (a) City should avoid collection of materials that have not been scheduled or properly prepared. (b) City should avoid collection construction/demolition debris and other materials generated through contractor services whether generated at the property or another location. (c) To protect collection staff, the City should require organized piles of materials, contained sharp objects (such as broken glass), plastic-covered mattresses, and weight limits.

For Bulky Refuse, SCS recommends the following limits to balance quality service with the need to control costs and reduce program abuses: (1) Limit curbside collections to four annually (2) Limit each collection to five items (3) For excess service needs , encourage residents to use established programs, such as: (a) Clean up events at the Public Works Facility on multiple Saturdays in spring and fall. (b) The Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill in Upper Marlboro, MD. (4) Residents should pay $20 per item when requesting more than four annual collections or more than five items per collection. (5) Charge residents a $100 fee in order to have overweight items collected with the boom truck.

Kids Yoga and Zumbini in North College Park

A new fitness studio has opened up in North College Park. It offers spinning and exercise classes for adults but will begin offering Kid’s Yoga (Open House this Saturday-flyer attached) and Zumbini this weekend and next week!! Please share with your networks!! Zumbini® is a music and movement class for children aged 0-4 to attend with their fun-loving caregiver. We sing, dance, make music with rhythmic instruments, use scarves, balls, and more in this 45-minute high-energy class. To keep the fun in learning going, each family receives a Bini Bundle-copies of our class music, access to streaming music on the Zumbini® app, a plush doll of the main character, and a beautifully illustrated songbook. Free trial class on 1/10 at 10 a.m., Winter Session is every Thursday 1/17- 4/4 at 10 a.m.. Learn more and register to save your spot at www.Bouncingbambini.com.

(source: NextDoor.com)

Update on January 2018 Community – Police Meeting

The Community-Police meeting at MoM’s Cafe last Thursday went pretty well. Three police officers serving College Park attended the meeting and answered a number of questions from the residents.

The group discussed last month’s crime map, which I also posted here on NextDoor earlier: https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=99878369. A number of crime incidents are related to property crime, such as theft from auto. Residents are advised to take their belongings when they leave their cars and make sure the cars are locked.

There were also questions about parking, code enforcement, and street lights. Officers also shared other PRPD crime prevention tips such as Operation IDS, Free home safety inspection, vacation premise check, and Smart Water program.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, February 7, 2018, at MoM’s Cafe. Please mark your calendar. Hope to see you there. Thank you!

College Park PGPD Crime Map: December 2018

Please see below the PGPD’s College Park Crime Map for the month of December 2018. The map is based on crime statistics of PGPD Beat 6 (November 27- December 31, 2018) and Beat 7 (November 26 – December 29, 2018). The interactive map and the details can be found here: https://bit.ly/2SzuDN1 . Here is the breakdown of crime incidents by major neighborhoods (please see in the inset of the map below).

North College Park: 27

Mid-town: 9

Old town / Calvert Hill: 5

West College Park: 1

Estates & Yarrow: 0

Year 2018 in Review

As another year passes and we embark upon a new one, I thought I would drop a note to share some important events in our neighborhood and my activities as your Councilmember that occurred in 2018. I also want to take this opportunity to ask you how I can be of service to you in 2019. 

Back in November, the City Council approved a contract to complete the design work of the Hollywood Streetscape project. The project is expected to change the look of the most important intersection of our neighborhood at Edgewood Road and Rhode Island Avenue with upgrades, intersection improvements, protected bike lanes, site furnishings and landscaping, parklets and better sidewalk. We expect to hold a community meeting soon to seek your input about the final design and then move to final construction.

After many years of delay, the City Council finally awarded the construction contract of the Gateway Park a few months back. The City got the necessary permits. Administrative work and off-site building fabrication have already started and will be ongoing. We expect to see the new park built by the end of this Spring.

On another good news, we expect to see the Hollywood Dog Park to be also built in the Spring of this year. If you recall, we held a community meeting back in May last year to present information about creating a dog park on a portion of the Prince George’s County Board of Education property on 51st Avenue north of the Public Works facility. Community members expressed overwhelming positive interest for this location. An agreement between the Board of Education and the City has been finalized for the City to use a part of the western side of the parcel to construct and operate an open-access dog park. 

The second phase of Duvall Field development is also gearing up. This phase will include updating the playing fields and providing new lighting. Other ideas include a new playground, walking trails, fitness stations.  As part of the first phase of the renovation of the Duvall Field facilities, the old concession stand was torn down, and a brand new beautiful concession building was erected in its place. The plaza has also been upgraded with tons of added seating areas as well as state-of-the-art stormwater management and bio-retention features. The City has scheduled a public meeting on January 17 (at 7 p.m.) at Davis Hall to get your input about the second phase of development. Please attend this meeting and share your ideas for upgrading and prioritizing its facilities, amenities, and services.

Late last year, we launched a monthly police community meeting in north College Park at the all-new MoM’s Cafe. We shared last month’s crime map and discussed incidents. Police officers also advised how to make our homes and neighborhoods safer. This event is an excellent opportunity to bring your crime-related concerns directly to our police officers who serve our community.

Last year, we engaged a consultant to complete the design of the proposed sidewalk on Hollywood Road between Route 1 and Rhode Island Avenue. In recent years, the traffic on the road has increased, and several residents have expressed concerns the safety of pedestrians, dog walkers and school going children.

I plan to continue my strong support for many existing projects we have in north College Park, in particular, the Hollywood Farmers Market, the Hollywood Community Garden and the College Park Community Library. I also plan to continue organizing neighborhood cleanups and a few other exciting projects with many residents in the district.

As you may already know, I write a daily blog where I cover events taking place in College Park. In case you didn’t get a chance, please visit my blog at www.KabirCares.org. The blog gives important updates on recent developments, crime maps, and analysis of current events and announcements. I believe you will find the blog useful.

I hope to stay engaged in the neighborhood matters this year as I did in the past year.  Let’s keep in touch and please let me know if I can be of any help!