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Medicaid for Longterm Care Workshop

Utility work along the Trolley Trail in Berwyn and Lakeland

According to our City engineer, utility work along the Trolley Trail in the Berwyn and Lakeland neighborhoods will begin tomorrow, Friday, August 31. There will be detour signage set up during times that work is performed along the trail between Patuxent and Berwyn House Road. Rockingham Construction, a Pepco contractor expects to be working along this portion of the trail for approximately 10 days (although the days will not be consecutive).

Work will include the installation of a new overhead cable above the trail. This work requires the closure of the trail due to the quantity of equipment needed to install the new cable. The new cable will run from Greenbelt Rd to Berwyn House Rd. Additional information regarding this project will be released when details become available.


Heat Advisory (8/29/2018) Today

The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for the area, which is in effect from noon today to 8 PM EDT this evening. Heat index values could get up to 105 degrees due to temperatures in the middle to upper 90’s. Please encourage our stakeholders to take precautions.

A Heat Advisory means that a period of high temperatures is expected. The heat and humidity may cause heat stress during outdoor exertion or extended exposure. The combination of high temperatures and high humidity will create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible. Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside. When possible, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. To reduce risk during outdoor work, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air conditioned environments. Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. Heat stroke is an emergency – call 911. During periods of extreme heat Prince George’s County Cooling Centers are OPEN. Dial 311, click here, or copy and paste the following link into your browser ( for more information. Additionally, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Check on relatives and friends, especially the elderly;
  • Wear light clothing;
  • Drink plenty of fluids;
  • Never leave people or pets in a closed car;
  • Make sure pets have access to water and shade;
  • Limit strenuous outside activities. If you’re outside, find shade. Wear a hat wide enough to protect your face;
  • Increase time spent in air-conditioned environments like libraries, malls, movie theatres and *Cooling Centers;
  • Your body warms up as it works to process larger meals, so eating smaller portions can help keep you cooler;
  • Know the signs of heat related illness and ways to respond;
  • Keep your home cool by covering windows with drapes or shades;
  • Make sure you have alternative charging methods for your phone or any device that requires power;
  • Learn about the emergency plans in your area;
  • Build or restock your emergency kit. Include food, water, prescription medicines, flashlight, batteries, hearing aid batteries, cash, copies of important financial documents, and first aid supplies; and
  • Be prepared to stay cool if the power goes out. Consider going to a movie theater, shopping mall, PGC Cooling Center or library that has air conditioning.

North College Park Community Center Survey

Dear neighbors,

Over the past years, many residents have approached us with the idea of creating a full-time community space where residents of various ages could come, and enjoy programs of their choice. For many residents, the existing programs being run at the nearby community centers lack adequate programming. For other residents, especially for those who live in the heavily residential neighborhoods of the city, these centers are not conveniently located. One idea is to start the new center in vacant store space in North College Park, which could be rented with assistance from the County and the City. County Councilwoman Mary Lehman recently helped this effort by approving $50K in the M-NCPPC FY18 budget towards community programming in North College Park. The City Council has also allocated money in the FY18 budget for community programming which could be integrated with the M-NCPPC grant to make the new center a reality. We will appreciate it if you would please complete this survey to let us know your thoughts and preferences. Thank you.

Rain Barrels Available Now!

The City’s Department of Public Works now offers 50-gallon rain barrels for $72, while supplies last. Once installed, Prince George’s County residents can apply for a Rain Check Rebate off-setting most of the cost! You can purchase and pick them up at the Department of Public Works (9217 51st Avenue). For more information, please call 240-487-3590 or email publicworks@
A rain barrel is a great way to keep runoff from leaving your home. In the spring and summer, watering the plants or lawn accounts for a large percentage of water consumption. By having a rain barrel and storing rainfall, you’ll have water that’s both more sustainable and cost effective for outdoor irrigation.
Rain barrels come with lid, overflow cap, pre-installed screen and ring, flex overflow hose, ball valve – spigot, re-usable zip ties, hose clamp and rubber washer. A diverter kit is not included.

[Source: City of College Park]

This Week at the Hollywood Farmers Market

With all the rain we’ve had this summer- these sunflowers brighten up any gloomy day. Make sure you stop by Calvert Farms this weekend and purchase some of their sunflowers. These flowers last forever!

Shared Recipes
(From the Waltz Family Farm Kitchen)

Red, Yellow or Green Peppers
Pork Kabobs or cut pork cubes from shoulder or butt roast

*All these ingredients are available at the Farmers Market except Pineapple. Love a Farm Fresh meal!*

Marinade : about 1 1/2 cups Orange Juice
about 1/2 cup low sodium Soy sauce
1/4-1/3 cup of Honey or Brown Sugar
2-3 cloves of Garlic crushed

Cut all Veggies in large pieces for kabobs and put in large Ziploc along with pork cubes and pour in marinade. I like to marinade this for 6 hours. Skewer meat and veges and grill. I baste the kabobs with marinade while grilling.

If you have a recipe that you have made using products you purchased from the farmers market and want to share it with other readers, please send your recipe to:
We will feature your recipe in our newsletter. If you want to include pictures as well that would be a great bonus. 🙂

Returning (tentatively) vendors for this week include:
Alcoba Coffee: Guatemalan coffee by the pound and by the cup
A Little Pottery: Handmade pottery
Amity Kitchen: Thai food, Spring Rolls and Mango Sticky Rice
Bears, Books and Things: Homemade stuffed animals
Blessed Creations: Soaps and oils
Calvert Farm: Produce and fruits
Cove Point Winery: 30+ variety of wines and a hard cider
Designed Naturally: Natural bead jewelry
Double Sharp: Local Musicians
Inge’s Crochet: Hand made crochet items
Mel’s Munchies: Sweets and ice cream
Stone Hearth Bakery: Fresh baked bread from Fredrick, MD.
Valencia’s Produce: Produce and flowers
Victory Chapel Family Farms: Local Honey
Waltz Family Farm: Meat, eggs and cheeses

These vendors will be returning at a later date:
Baker Charley: Gluten free bread and baked goods
College Park Hypnosis Center: Making positive changes easier
Elated Harmony: Massage
Heavenly Created Desserts: Hot dogs and desserts
Moonstruck Oyster Company: Shelled Oysters, Shucked Oysters, Cookbooks, etc. will return in September
Roy and Arti’s Kitchen and Garden: Prepared Indonesian cuisine and vegetables
Terrapin Care Center: Chiropractic Care
The Wood Dr.: Handmade wooden items
The Baked Apple: Apple muffins and breads
University of Maryland Dairy: Freshly made ice cream
VizingaWoodworks: Handcrafted jewelry and accessories

Other News:
Calvert Farm is looking for someone in the local area to help sell their produce. Farmer Pam has someone to drive the truck from Rising Sun but needs an additional hand to meet the staff member around 8am to help set up, sell and then take down at the end of the day. If you or someone you know who is trustworthy and a hard worker would like to fill that spot please contact

Copyright © 2015 *Hollywood Farmers Market, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

I-495 Plan Could Affect Hollywood and Sunnyside Neighborhood

Maryland governor Hogan is planning to widen 495 beltway. The plan hasn’t yet specifically identified what properties would be affected, however the widening could have a big impact on the Hollywood and the Sunnyside neighborhood (i.e. houses and properties razed?).

There’s an 8/27/18 deadline for submitting comments (phone, email, Contact webpage). Please add your input via this survey?

According to the plan, the overall I-495 & I-270 Public-Private Partnership (P3) Program will include improvements for over 70 miles of interstate in Maryland including: (1) I-495 (Capital Beltway) from south of the American Legion Bridge over the Potomac River to east of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and (2) I-270 (Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Highway) from I-495 to I-70, including the east and west I-270 spurs.

Community Meeting about the Future of the UMD Golf Course

The university is in the early stages of considering a proposal to relocate the university’s track and field venue and add recreation space to campus. They are hosting an information session to share the early stage proposal with the community.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 22 at 6 p.m. in the Samuel V. Riggs. Alumni Center.

According to this Baltimore Sun article, the initial proposal includes constructing a track and field complex on the 18th hole, a 600-space surface parking lot on the ninth hole and five football-length intramural fields on holes 1 and 10.


UMD Golf Course (Credit: the Baltimore Sun)

College Park Crime Map, July 2018

Please see below July 2018 crime map. The July 2018 crime map is based on 4-week PGPD crime data for Beat 6 (south College Park 7/3 – 7/30) and Beat 7 (north College Park 7/1 – 7/28)

District 1 (12 incidents)
July 1 thru July 8, 2018
9100 Blk 51ST PL Breaking & Entering
9000 Blk Baltimore Ave Stolen Veh

July 9 thru July 22, 2018
9100 Blk Baltimore Ave Theft from auto
10200 Blk Baltimore Ave Stolen Veh
9600 Blk 51ST PL Theft
5000 Blk Delware ST Theft from auto
9600 Blk Baltimore Ave Theft
9000 Blk 50TH PL Stolen Veh
9100 Blk 51ST PL Theft from auto

July 23 thru July 28, 2018
10000 Blk Baltimore Ave stolen Veh
10100 Blk Baltimore Ave Theft
5100 Blk Lackawanna ST Theft.

District 2 (5 incidents)
July 9 thru July 22, 2018
8700 Blk Baltimore Ave Theft

July 23 thru July 28, 2018
8200 Blk Baltimore Ave Breaking & Entering
8100 Blk Baltimore Ave Stolen Veh

7/16/18 – 7/23/18
5100 blk of Navahoe St Theft from Auto

8100 blk of 48th Ave Theft from Auto 8100 blk of 48th Ave

District 3 (1 incidents)
7/16/18 – 7/23/18
4600 blk of Guilford Pl Vandalism

District 4 (0 incidents)

Free Estate Planning Clinic for Seniors

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