A Friendly Game to Celebrate City’s Diverse Population

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play a friendly soccer match at Duvall Field with some of my Council colleagues and City staff against the members of University of Maryland’s Student Government Association (SGA). The game was designed to celebrate City’s diverse population and the ongoing renovation work at Duvall Field.

Though the SGA played well, our team comfortably won the game with a score of 4-0.

We played using the new movable goal posts, which the City Council approved in the current year’s budget. Thanks to our colleagues and many residents for their supports and cheers at the game.

We hope to continue the game in the coming years and make it a yearly tradition.

Donna Harrington’s Memorial Service

Donna Harrington, a District 1 resident is no longer with us. She died last Saturday (4/21) because of complication following a surgery.

There will be a memorial service on Saturday May 5 at 2 p.m. at Hope Lutheran Church and Student Center for Donna who passed away on April 21 from complications following surgery.

Hope is at 4201 Guilford Drive, College Park, MD (near the Catholic Student Center). It would be wonderful if people could attend.

An outpouring from the neighborhood would certainly help her daughter, Rosie, though her grief.

(Thanks to Lisa Ealley, for sharing the Memorial service’s news)

PGPD Officer Serving College Park Sentenced to Prison, Probation and Fine

Yesterday, the City issued the following statement about the sentencing of PGPD Officer Corporal Jennifer Simms. Cpl. Simms worked as a part-time contract police officer in College Park.

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, former Prince George’s County police officer Jennifer Simms was sentenced to six months imprisonment, five years’ probation and a restitution of $75,000 to the City of College Park. The State of Maryland alleges that Simms stole $130,000 from the City by falsifying records and time cards while she was working as a City contract police officer between 2012 and 2014. Simms entered into an Alford plea, which means she did not accept guilt but acknowledges that the State had enough evidence to win a conviction. She begins her sentence on Friday, April 27, 2018.

“Residents trust that when a police officer says that they are out patrolling and keeping our community and streets safe that they really are. When that officer violates the trust that is bestowed upon them by those they are sworn to protect, everyone suffers. The City is satisfied with the outcome of the sentencing” said Scott Somers, City Manager.

The City thanks the State’s Attorney’s office, the Prince George’s County Department of Police Internal Affairs Division, and the City’s Code Enforcement Division for their dedication and hard work with this case.

Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Vol. 4 Issue 2
Last weekend was a great success and we are looking forward to another this weekend.
Before you head off to Maryland Day at the University please stop by and get your supplies for the week. 

Double Sharp
Irish Fiddler, Bob Engelman, will join Eric this week while John takes the day off.  Please stop by and take a listen as Bob and Eric play some Irish tunes.

Yoga Heights DC
It will be a perfect day for Yoga on Saturday.  Stop by around 10am to either learn about Yoga or even have some time to stretch- it’s a perfect way to start the day.  If you would like to contact our group of instructors please emailyoga.hollywoodmarket@gmail.com or visit their website http://yogaheightsdc.com/

Here’s what Calvert Farm will have this week:

Beets with Tops
Carrots with Tops
Many Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Collards (Maybe)
Lettuce (possible)
Herb Plants
Fresh Cut Herbs
Asparagus (hopefully)
Potted Flowers- Ranuculus, Gerber Daisy, Portulaca, Alyssum

Here’s what Waltz Family Farm
will have this week:

Beef – Ground, Stew, Hot Dogs with Jalapeno and Cheddar, Chuck roasts, Arm roasts, Top Round Roast, Rolled Rump Roast, Sirloin Steaks, NY Strip, Delmonico, few Filet Mignon, Liver, Heart and I’m sure a few other cuts.

Pork –  Full selection,  many Sausages, bacon, Ham Steak, Ham and Ham Hocks, Roasts, Chops, Ribs, Lard, Pigs Feet, Liver Heart & Tongue

Lamb – Many Lamb Chops to choose from, a few Sausages and lots of organ meat.    Will restock early June.  Lamb will be a little limited till later in summer.  They need time to grow.

Beef Jerky and Beef Sticks –  ordered, and will have them in a few weeks!  Finally

Cheeses –  Assorted Colby’s and Cheddar’s from Eve’s Cheese .

Eggs –  free range eggs by dozen. Will have a few Duck eggs and Game Hen eggs for sale by 1/2 doz.

Returning (tentatively) vendors for this week include:
Alcoba Coffee: Guatemalan coffee by the pound and by the cup
A Little Pottery: Pottery
Amity Kitchen: Thai food, Spring Rolls and Mango Sticky Rice
Baker Charley: Gluten free bread and baked goods
Calvert Farm: Produce and fruits
Designed Naturally: Natural bead jewelry
Double Sharp: Local Musicians
Roy and Arti’s Kitchen and Garden: Prepared Indonesian cuisine and vegetables
Valencia’s Produce: Berries, flowers and herbs
Terrapin Care Center: Chiropractic Care
College Park Hypnosis Center: Making positive changes easier
Victory Chapel Family Farms: Local Honey
Waltz Family Farm: Meat, eggs and cheeses

These vendors will be returning at a later date:
Elated Harmony: Massage
Inge’s Crochet: Hand made crochet items
The Baked Apple: Apple muffins and breads
The Wood Dr.: Handmade wooden items
Unique Eats and Scents: Hand creams and preserves
Peacesake Candles: Soy based candles in multiple scents
Heavenly Created Desserts: Hot dogs and desserts

Some pictures from last weekend.  

Copyright © 2015 *Hollywood Farmers Market, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Council Requests to Put Additional Money in FY19 Budget

At last Saturday’s budget worksession, the City Council approved the following additional budget requests. These requests were made by several Council members at the meeting

1. City-University Partnership $10,000
2. Meals On Wheels Of College Park $8,500
3. Fire Dept. Capital Equipment Grants $15,000
4. Dues (PGC Chamber membership) $1,050
5. Seniors Program Office space rental, phones & internet $4,800
6. Tipping fees- Food waste from Farmers Mkt. $3,100
7. Duvall Field Site improvements (grill) $2,500
8. 3 bus shelters $45,000

Total $89,950

Council Adds ‘Legislative Body’ to City Charter, with Mayor Part of it

At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council approved an amendment to the City Charter. The amendment passed 5-2 (CM Mitchell and Kabir voted against)

There were about 30 residents who attended the hearing. About 12 residents spoke at the hearing. Several residents also wrote to us. I want to thank everyone who spoke at last night’s meeting and also wrote to us. I believe all spoke and wrote against the proposed change.

In summary, the Charter amendment 18-CR-02 has two purposes (1) add the term ‘legislative body’ and (2) make the Mayor part of the legislative body. In order to accomplish these two goals, the amendment makes a number of changes to the current charter. The status quo surrounding mayor voting power did not change.

The State law has the term “legislative body”, but our charter does not have, and hence it’s suggested that we add that term to our Charter. However, the contention was whether we should have added Mayor as part of the legislative body.

Personally, I was fine with adding the term “legislative body” to the Charter, however, I wasn’t convinced that the mayor should be part of it.

There are two places in the State law where the term “legislative body” is used. They are in article $4-304 and $5-205(b). Article $4-304 deals with members of legislative body voting in charter amendment votes and $5-205(B) is about legislative body voting on moving budget money. Traditionally, College Park Mayor never voted in these cases in the past. Thus it’s not true to say that, especially in light of these two state laws, Mayor has been traditionally part of the legislative body.

Also, after last year’s non-citizen voting, the City Council engaged an outside attorney last year to review our charter. The attorney later sent a legal memo to the City Council about her view about our Charter. After that, on October 18, 2017, the City released a statement saying that “the legislative body of the City of College Park consists of 8 Council members”. To me, it indicates that the Mayor is not part of the legislative body. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to confirm this in public without having residents to see that legal memo.

I find it very frustrating that we are not letting the public see this legal memo, and thus have a comprehensive debate on this subject. The City spent $20,000 of our taxpayers’ money on the outside attorney to get her opinion. There is a cloud hanging over the city right now about this outside attorney’s memo, and everyone is saying what is in it? If we think that we’re not releasing the memo because this will confuse people and they will not understand the memo’s language, then this is really an insult to the intelligence of our residents. Because I truly believe they are smarter than many of us may think.

this Saturday: Maryland Day, 2018

Join thousands of visitors at the Maryland Day, our one-day celebration of learning and discovery on Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The 20th annual family-friendly event will be one to remember, with fun and exciting demonstrations, exhibitions, performances and more. Come join the celebration, and explore our world of fearless ideas!

Free admission and parking. Plan your day and learn more at marylandday.umd.edu, and join the fun on social media with #MarylandDay.

Meals on Wheels Gets Full Funding Support

I’m very pleased to report that the north College Park-based Meals and Wheels will now be fully funded to run their wonderful programs for the neighbors in need.

The program, which runs off the Methodist Church has been struggling in recent years due to increased cost of quality groceries and other materials.

The program will now receive an annual grant of $15,000 per year.

Since 1974, College Park Meals on Wheels has been providing regular, healthy meals for seniors in the northern Prince George’s County, Maryland area.

The group relies on our dedicated volunteers to pack and deliver meals for the cities of College Park, Greenbelt, Beltsville, Berwyn Heights and Adelphi. They may also cover other nearby areas.

Please contact the programs Volunteer Coordinator (email: mowcp.chair@gmail.com) if you’d like to volunteer with our program. It only takes a small amount of your time each month, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of our seniors!

Hollywood Farmers Market Reopening Today!

Vol. 4 Issue 1
Welcome to the sixth year of the Hollywood Farmers Market!  Starting April 21st at 9am we will be back in business with some of our favorites from years past and some new, exciting vendors!

Our New Vendors-

Moonstruck Oyster Company
Bob Parkinson is from Washington State and was raised on a self-contained farm.  Two years ago, he decided to get back to his roots and now has 11 acres and waterfront on St. Thomas Creek, tributary to the Patuxent River in St. Mary’s County, MD. Small acreage. Developed an oyster nursery, teamed with other oyster farmers to get his seed to sales size and now selling wholesale and retail to oyster lovers. Moonstruck Oyster Company is also in the business of selling float equipment to Marylanders to put at their docks or at his to grow oysters, helping improve water quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

What you can purchase from Moonstruck? Oysters in the shell, shucked oysters by the pint, National Oyster Cookoff cookbooks, and equipment to aid in the consumption of the oyster. In addition they have dog leashes, bracelets  and keychains made from paracord.

You will see Moonstruck Oyster Company by-monthly where customers can sign up for oysters and Bob will bring the order to the market the next time he is with us.

Yoga Heights DC
Every Saturday a wonderful instructor from Yoga Heights will be at the market to do Yoga starting at 10am.  If you would like to contact our group of instructors please email yoga.hollywoodmarket@gmail.com or visit their website http://yogaheightsdc.com/

Victory Chapel Family Farm
Victory Chapel Family Farms produces honey in Charles County MD. This is our fifth year of beekeeping. Our bees produce a wildflower honey  that is bottled unfiltered and unheated. Because honey is so popular, it’s hard to meet this high demand from local suppliers alone. This is why approximately 70% of the honey consumed in the US is imported. This honey  is local raw honey and you’re getting it directly from the beekeeper.  We look forward to meeting the customers of Hollywood Farmers Market in College Park.  You can find us on Facebook at VictoryChapelHoney.

Stone Hearth Bakery
A local favorite, Stone Hearth Bakery can be found in many markets around the region and are now a part of our market.  Check out their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stone-Hearth-Bakery/160363750653081

Returning vendors for this week include:
Alcoba Coffee: Guatemalan coffee by the pound and by the cup
A Little Pottery: Pottery
Amity Kitchen: Thai food, Spring Rolls and Mango Sticky Rice
Calvert Farm: Produce and fruits
Designed Naturally: Natural bead jewelry
Double Sharp: Local Musicians
Peacesake Candles: Soy based candles in multiple scents
Roy and Arti’s Kitchen and Garden: Prepared Indonesian cuisine and vegetables
Valencia’s Produce: Berries, flowers and herbs
Terrapin Care Center: Chiropractic Care
College Park Hypnosis Center: Making positive changes easier

These vendors will be returning at a later date:
Baker Charley: Gluten free bread and baked goods
Elated Harmony: Massage
Inge’s Crochet: Hand made crochet items
The Baked Apple: Apple muffins and breads
The Wood Dr.: Handmade wooden items
Waltz Family Farm: Meat, eggs and cheeses
Unique Eats and Scents: Hand creams and preserves
Heavenly Created Desserts: Hot dogs and desserts

Copyright © 2015 *Hollywood Farmers Market, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Boulevard Construction to Start Next Week

The construction work of the long-awaited “The Boulevard” (formerly Metropolitan) project, proposed by the Metropolitan Development Group, is finally going to start.

The project is located at 9091 Baltimore Avenue, at the corner of Route 1 and Cherokee street.

The project got its approval several years ago, but the developer had to wait for some time to secure funds.

Beginning next week the site will be cleared. This will include clearing of brushes and trees on the site. Soon after two giant Stormwater vaults will be constructed. The water and sewer utilities will then be constructed. Afterward, the interior roads will be constructed.

Home construction should begin around the end of October.

The 45 townhome units will begin construction in the first phase, while the 238-unit residential apartment complex plans to begin construction in July of 2017. The $65 million project will also feature 4,000 square feet of ground floor retail space.

SHA Finally Agrees to Put “Do Not Block Intersection” Signs on Route 1 in North College Park

The “Do Not Block Intersection” sign on Route 1 at Campus Drive (via Google Map)

Good news. We’ve been told this morning that two “Do Not Block the Intersection” signs will be installed at the following intersections:

1. US 1 at Edgewood Road.

2. US 1 at Cherry Hill Road.

The signs will be installed by the end of August.

Many thanks to everyone who advocated and wrote to the SHA. We couldn’t do it without you.

Hopefully, with these installations, the traffic congestion at these two intersections will improve, if not gone. Similar signs have been in place on Route 1 at the Lakeland Rd, Campus drive, and Rosborough drive.

We’ve been asking for these signs for some time, probably even before the MD bill was brought up at the MD legislature. Unfortunately, those requests had been denied, citing a rule that the SHA hadn’t been applying consistently elsewhere. Fortunately, there has been a recent reorganization in the office that was dealing with our previous requests. We resubmitted a new request very recently and the new leadership accepted that this morning. Hope this clarifies.

On a related note, the MD legislative session ended recently, and unfortunately, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee did not take the “Do Not Block the Intersection” bill for a vote. This means the bill died for the second time. Thanks to everyone who took their time to write to the Senate committee.


Council Discusses More Cuts to Gate Park Construction Cost

At last night’s meeting, the City Council discussed different ways to cut cost of the Gateway project.

This happened after the City found that an additional $350,000 will need to be added to the budget in order to proceed with the project. Nine bids were received ranging in price from $868,747 – $1,359,890. These bids are still under review and the Council was hoping to award the construction a construction contract award at the May 1, 2018 Council Worksession.

A meeting was held with project consultants to discuss value engineering opportunities for the pavilion since actual costs far exceeded the cost estimate. The pavilion is constructed primarily of steel and bamboo and the recent imposition of steel tariffs has introduced a lot of volatility in market prices.

At last night’s meeting, the staff has been directed to consult with the architect to find a few options to bring down the construction cost. Staff is expected to report to the Council in a few weeks.

Art Show This Friday

College Park Arts Exchange and Explorations on Aging invite you to The Seniors in the Community ART SHOW and RECEPTION, Friday, April 20, 4pm-8pm, at the UMD Catholic Student Center (CSC), 4141 Guilford Drive, College Park.

With 27 exhibitors, this is our biggest show yet! Featured works include paintings, photographs, pottery and sculpture, textiles, needle and fabric art.

Some art work will be available for purchase. This is a community-building activity open to all ages and supported by the City of College Park and the CP Community Foundation.

For more information contact College Park Arts Exchange info@cpae.org, 301-927-3013. WHEN YOU ARRIVE Disability access and/or exhibit drop-off are available in the lot behind the Catholic Student Center (CSC).

Free parking is available 4pm – 12pm at the University’s MOWATT LANE PARKING GARAGE across from the CSC.

Follow visitor signs to enter the garage. PARK ONLY in LOT U2 on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2. DO NOT PARK IN LOT 19-you will be cited. Lot U2 signs are painted on the side walls of the designated U2 sections. Do come!

College Park Set to “Boom” in Decades to Come

A good news. Recently, The Washingtonian paper listed College Park as one of the few towns in the Washington DC area that will be “booming” in the decades to come. Please read that story here

The paper says the following for its reason of this future “boom” in the city.

These neighboring suburbs are Prince George’s County’s chance to create its answer to Arlington—young, upwardly mobile, increasingly urban. Befitting its status as a member of the Big Ten, the University of Maryland is upping its college-town game, working with planners on a $2-billion reinvention of a stretch of Route 1 known for bars and auto shops. New apartments have gone up along the corridor, and MilkBoy, a hip artspace from Philly, has replaced dingy dives. In a few years, the Purple Line will intersect with the Green Line, making the area a transportation hub.

Visualize 2045 Public Forum – April 18, 2018 at College Park Airport

The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board will be hosting a public forum at the College Park Airport to discuss seven regional transportation initiatives with residents to obtain feedback that can be included in their long-range transportation plan, Visualize 2045. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 18 from 7-9pm at the College Park Airport Operations Building (1909 Corporal Frank Scott Dr.). For more information, visit www.visualize2045.org.