Order of Public Comments and Council Votes on 17-CR-02 at Tomorrow’s Council Meeting

17-CR-02 FlowChartAt the next Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Council will be considering one or more amendments to the proposed Charter amendment 17-CR-02 resolution. City staff has produced the following flow chart to help explain the placement of these items at the meeting. You can also see the flow chart here on page 145 of tomorrow’s Council packet.

Residents will get opportunities to comment on one or more of the following amendments to 17-CR-02:

(1) The placement of questions relating to non-U.S. Citizen voting as an advisory referendum on the November 7 ballot, with the exact language to be approved in a Special Session on September 19th.

(2) The establishment of a Voting Rights Commission, with resident representatives from each Council district, to review issues of voting rights for residents of the City of College Park.

(3) Other amendments to 17-CR-02. These may include extending voting rights to only U.S. permanent residents (Green Card holders).

The City Council may vote on one or more of these amendments including the original Charter Amendment 17-CR-02.

Residents can send their comments on these amendments and the original Charter Amendment 17-CR-02 to the Mayor and Council at cpmc@collegeparkmd.gov

All of the public comment received on 17-CR-02 since July has been posted on City’s website, here. Staff took the time to redact personal email addresses but left names and addresses.

I much appreciate your feedback on this important matter. Thank you!

North College Park Crime Map: September 2 – 10, 2017

Please see below last week’s crime map and let me know if you’ve any questions. Thank you!


5000 Blk Paducah Rd, MD 20740Theft from auto
9600 Blk Baltimore Ave, MD 20740Breaking & Entering
4700 Blk Cherry Hill  Rd, MD 20740Theft
10000 Blk Baltimore Ave, MD 20740Theft from auto

Hollywood Neighborhood Cleanup – September 30, 10am-12pm


Tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market


Vol. 3 Issue 21 – School is back in session!Just a reminder that school has started back and  buses are back on the road.  Red flashing lights and extended stop arms indicate the bus has stopped, and that children are getting on or off. Motorists approaching from either direction must wait until the red lights stop flashing before proceeding.

Senior Saturday
This Saturday, September 9th is Senior Saturday. If you are 65+ and reside in College Park, please stop by the Market’s information table to receive $5.00 in market coupons to use only on September 9th from 9:00 am until noon.

College Park Arts Exchange (CPAE) at the Market
On Saturday, September 30th Aaron Springer from the CPAE will be at the market making Slime/Gak/Oobleck/Nonnewtonian Fluid.  So many names – such a great activity for young and old alike!  Mr. Springer would like to have a good idea of attendees in order to purchase the proper amount of supplies.  If you are interested in attending this event please click here to sign up via Signup Genius or stop by the market to sign up at market table.

Yoga at the Market!
Liz Doonan will begin teaching yoga soon.
Strength + Balance Yoga for all levels.
Intro & Beginners Welcome.
Bring your mat and join in!

Liz Doonan, 200 hr YT.
Yoga Alliance Registered.
11AM to 12:15PM.
Saturdays starting Sept. 2
Hollywood Farmer’s Market
Rhode Island Ave.
Donation Based, $5 minimum suggested

Jocelyn from Numi Yoga will start at the market on September 23rd at 11:30am.
Bring your mat!
Numi is located at: 4513 College Ave, College Park
Jocelyn began her yoga journey just three years ago when she used the ancient practice to heal herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually after a number of difficult transitions. She discovered all the hot yoga benefits. After reaping the benefits of slowing down, tuning into the sensations of the body, and fully experiencing each movement, Jocelyn was hooked. She wanted to dive deeper into yoga culture and received her 200-hour certification through Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica during January of 2016. She is truly honored to be able to share the gift of yoga with others.

Vendors who are taking some time off:
Christiane’s Designs will return in soon.  If you need to contact her to place an order please email her at cwill23027@aol.com
Unique Eats and Scents will be back in a few weeks
Heavenly Created Desserts will be back on September 16th and will be at the market every other weekend

This week’s vendors include*:

Amity Kitchen: Thai food, Spring Rolls and Mango Sticky Rice
Calvert Farm: Produce and fruits
Dicot Farm: Certified Organic Produce
Inge’s Crochet: Hand made crochet items
Peacesake Candles: Soy based candles in multiple scents
Double Sharp: Local Musicians
Alcoba Coffee: Guatemalan coffee by the pound and by the cup
A Little Pottery: Pottery
Qamrul Bhuiyan: Packaged artistically designed stationary
Terrapin Care Center: Chiropractic Care
Roy and Arti’s Kitchen and Garden: Prepared Indonesian cuisine and vegetables
Starbucks: Giving away coffee grounds for composting or garden
Designed Naturally: Natural bead jewelry
Elated Harmony: Massage
The Baked Apple: Apple muffins and breads
Valencia’s Produce: Berries, flowers and herbs
Waltz Family Farm: Meat, eggs and cheeses

* This list reflects the vendors who have informed the Market Manager that they will be at the market.  This list is subject to change due to weather, illness or other life events. 🙂

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a vendor for our market please let us know.  We are always looking for more vendors. Our criteria is that the items have to be hand made.  If you prepare food- we are looking for other prepared food vendors.  Lastly, we are looking for a bread vendor.  If you know of a local company that would like to sell bread at our market please stop by the market’s information table to speak with either the Market Manager or one of the Market’s Board members.

Rabies Clinic

The Animal Welfare Committee of College Park offers rabies shots for dogs, cats and ferrets and microchipping cats and dogs.  This is a free benefit for resident’s pets of College Park and only $20.00 for non-residents of College Park.  This event will take place at the Downtown College Park Farmers Market on Sunday, September 17 between 10am and 2 pm.  Owners must have dogs properly leashed and cats and ferrets must be restrained in a carrier or on a leash.  Proof of College Park residency is required.  3-year Rabies vaccines valid only with proof of current vaccination.

Spay-A-Day Keeps the Litter Away

Through December 1st, 2017, the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division (AMD) will provide free spay/neuter services for pets belonging to low-income individuals and families living in Prince George’s County. This service is provided through a Maryland Department of Agriculture grant. For more information or to learn how you may qualify, contact Catherine Hernandez at 301-780-7252.

Hollywood Clean Up day is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th.  Council member Kabir plans to gather all who are interested at the Farmers market at 9 am and go out to clean up the commercial district and the surrounding streets. Supplies will be provided. Free bagel breakfast and pizza lunch.  T-shirts for all those who participate.

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Mosquitoes and what you can do to eliminate them

The best way to help control mosquitoes in your neighborhood is to check weekly to ensure that you do not have any standing water on your property (especially water in containers).

Help reduce breeding grounds by finding and eliminating all standing water sources (even very small containers of water). Look for unused containers, buckets, toys, bird baths, flower pots and saucers, tarps, corrugated drain pipes, free-standing basketball hoops and store them so they don’t hold water. Make sure gutters are clean and work with neighbors to identify potential mosquito breeding areas.

For permanent areas of standing water (ponds, rain barrels, etc.), mosquito “torpedos” can be used to target and kill mosquito larvae. You can stop by the Department of Public Works to obtain a mosquito torpedo Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Opportunity to Send Care Package to Houston Flood Victims

A number of businesses are helping Green Coast Services of College Park to fill a 28ft. trailer. They will be leaving for Houston, TX September 10th.Please let anyone know if they would like to donate or help, to contact me, Robert S Davis at Rdavis@greencoastservices.com.

Council to Discuss Parks Budget in College Park

At tonight’s meeting, the City Council will discuss a list of requests or comments on the FY19 budget for the parks managed by the MNCPPC.

Some of the items that are currently in the FY18-FY23 Capital Improvement Program include
1) Paint Branch SVP-College Park Woods Trail- estimated 1.7 million; $500,000 appropriated
2) Paint Branch Hiker Biker- University Blvd- connect College Park Wood to Paint branch trail- est. $275,000
3) rehab of Calvert Road Park -scheduled for 2021.

Some other items that are not currently in the budget but could benefit North College Park money for field upgrades at Hollywood Park (photo below). Last fall a committee of community members met with MNCPPC staff to discuss uses at Hollywood Park. Please see here the recommendations about the park improvements from the North College Park Citizens Association.
NCPCA Hollywood Park Committee Final Report Presentation 10-11-16 Approved

Hollywood Community Park

Consensus from the community was that the smaller softball field should be removed and the area along with some of the current grassy area should be reconfigured for a multi-use soccer and cricket field. Portable goals were requested as well as a mulched path from the entrance gate on Lackawanna to the current asphalt path.

Other requests may include funding for a community center in North College Park. Previous MNCPPC budgets had $50,000 allocated to study the location of a community center in North College Park. The money was not utilized and MNCPPC has not engaged the community in moving forward with a community center.

7 Reasons Why a Referendum on Non-Citizens Voting Makes Sense

Voters at College Park Community Center (NY Times)

Voters at a College Park voting station (Credit: The NY Times)

At tomorrow’s City Council worksession, the Council will discuss the possibility of a non-binding referendum on this fall’s ballot. The Councill will most likely vote on this measure at the September 12 meeting. If approved, the residents will get a chance to vote on the non-citizens voting question at the November 7 election.

We may support or oppose allowing non-citizens to vote at the City elections, but having a referendum on this matter makes a lot of sense to me.

1. Allowing non-citizens to vote will require the Council to change the City Charter. A City Charter is recognized as the single most “sacred” document of City’s guiding principles, and thus the City Council needs to be extra carefulwhen it decides to change it. It’s true that the City Council is a representative body and makes a lot of decision on City’s operations and policies, however changing the City Charter should be taken more seriously than approving resolutions.

2. Get input from those who put you in the office. Being the elected body, the City Council should seek every opportunity to get input from the residents who put them in office in the first place. It’s true that the Council held a public hearing and took some email comments from residents, however, the number of these comments is rather insufficient. We yet to hear from many more residents who haven’t spoken to us or written to us.

3. College Park won’t be the first municipality if it holds a referendum on non-citizen voting. The City of Takoma Park held a referendum back in 1991 when they decided to allow non-residents to vote. You can find the referendum results here:

4. The election is so close. If we were in January 2018, then we had to wait for two more years to hold the referendum; however, the November 7 election is barely two months from now and gives us an excellent opportunity to hold a referendum on such an important matter.

5. The decision was delayed in the past. This is not the first time; the City Council will be considering the non-citizen voting issues. The issue came before Council back in 2014 and was delayed indefinitely. I think everyone will appreciate if the City Council delays the decision on this matter by a few more months.

6. Positions on Options. Holding a referendum may allow us to get input on other options on noncitizens voting, such as allowing Green card holders (U.S. permanent residents) to vote at City elections. So far, City never asked residents to provide input on those alternate options. For example, a referendum question may ask voters to choose one of the three options: (a) Allow only U.S. citizens to vote (b) Allow U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent residents to vote and (c) Allow all residents to vote, irrespective of immigration status.

7. Perception: There appears to be a perception among some residents that some members of the current City Council are proposing to make the changes to get benefit in the upcoming 2017 City election. While I strongly disagree with these theories, I also think that putting the non-citizens voting to a referendum will stop having these accusations against the incumbent candidates at the November 2017 election. If we have a referendum at the November election, the next Council will make the final decision on noncitizens voting. In other words, the new non-citizens voters will not be able to vote for the incumbent Council candidates at the November 2017 election.

Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

City Eyes to Purchase College Park Woods Swimming Club Property


At this week’s meeting, the City Council will discuss whether the City should make an offer to purchase property owned by the College Park Swim Club Inc. for community use by city residents.   The College Park Woods community was built with a pool and pool house for homeowners in the subdivision; membership required payment of an annual membership fee that was used to maintain the pool. 

Over time membership to the pool fell off and in 2005 the City provided a $95,000 grant to CPWSC to assist it in paying existing debt and expenses.  In return, the CPWSC meeting room was made available as community meeting space.  The current Board members of CPWSC have not been able to stay current with operating expenses,

The current Board members of CPWSC have not been able to stay current with operating expenses, capitol costs, and property taxes and have listed the  property for sale at $300,000.  The property is 3.66 acres and is zoned R80.  R80 allows development of single family homes with average lot size of 9500 sq. ft. and average of 3.4 home sites per ace (maximum of 4.5 per acre).  The CPWSC Board passed a resolution stating September 20, 2017, is the final deadline for offers and that they will only consider formal offers in the form of a contract of sale.

Prior to the property being placed on the market the City had been discussing the purchase of the pool property with CPSWC.  The City as part of its due diligence had requested verification that the current Board has clear title to the property and of the CPSWC’s outstanding debt. CPSWC was unwilling to provide the City with the requested information.   If the City purchases the property,

If the City purchases the property, staff is recommending that the pool be filled in City because the City would need to highly subsidize costs to maintain and operate a pool.  Staff estimate for purchase and renovation of the site is $500,000 to $750,000 and includes: purchase price, ADA compliance improvements ($125,000) demolition and decommission of the pool ($335,000), parking lot improvements  ($70,000) and establishment of a community garden ($20,000).    Space in  the pool house would be available for use in the same manner as Davis Hall and the Parrish House.


College Park Dream Team Sept 15, Lakeland Community Center


Night at Movies – Hollywood Park – Sept 22

Come and join us for a fun and FREE Night at the Movies on September 22! Bring your picnic baskets, lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy a movie with the whole family under the stars.

The feature film will be a G or PG rated movie like “Trolls” or “The Secret Life of Pets” for enjoyment by all! Show-time is at 7:00 p.m.

Sponsored by the City of College Park Recreation Board. For more information call 240-487-3570.

Hollywood Neighborhood Park
9699 53rd Ave at the Intersection of 52nd Place