North College Park Crime Map: July 7-16, 2017

5000 Blk Laguna RDTheft from auto
10000 Blk Baltimore AveTheft from auto

Night at the Movies: July 21 at Hollywood Park

Come and join for a fun and FREE Night at the Movies on July 21! Bring your picnic baskets, lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy a movie with the whole family under the stars. The feature film will be a G or PG rated movie like Moana, Trolls or Sing for enjoyment by all! Show-time is at 8:45 p.m. The event will also feature fun activities, a Moon Bounce and either cotton candy or sno-cones starting at 6:30 p.m. Sponsored by the City of College Park Recreation Board. For more information, call the City’s Department of Public Services at 240-487-3570. For event updates and information, please follow the City’s Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/collegeparkmd/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/CollegePark_MD).

movie night Jul 2017

Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market


Vol. 3 Issue 13 – How to survive the summer heat

Summer is truly upon us with this lovely heatwave.  Please be aware of signs of heat exhaustion which can lead to heat stroke.
Signs of heat exhaustion:

  • Confusion
  • Dark-colored urine (a sign of dehydration)
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle or abdominal cramps
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Pale skin
  • Profuse sweating
  • Rapid heartbeat

Treatments include:

  • Drink plenty of fluid (avoid caffeine and alcohol).
  • Remove any tight or unnecessary clothing.
  • Take a cool shower, bath, or sponge bath.
  • Apply other cooling measures such as fans or ice towels.

If, after 15 minutes these treatments do not help, you should go to the ER.Risk factors for heat exhaustion:

  • Children under the age of 4 and adults over the age of 65.  These individuals have a more difficult time adjusting to the heat.
  • Individuals who have health conditions or those who are prescription medication should also avoid long periods of time outside.

Upcoming events:
It’s Senior Saturday on July 22!  If you are a College Park Resident and are 65+ stop by the Market’s Information table and receive $5.00 in market coupons for this Saturday only.  The offer is from 9am until noon.

The City of College Park’s Animal Control is taking part in the statewide Free Cat Adoption for the month of July.

Vendors who are taking some time off:
Heavenly Created Desserts will not be here this weekend
Designed Naturally will be off this weekend
Christiane’s Designs will return in September.  If you need to contact her to place an order please email her at cwill23027@aol.com

This week’s vendors include*:
Valencia’s Produce: Berries, flowers and herbs
Amity Kitchen: Thai food, Spring Rolls and Mango Sticky Rice
Calvert Farm: Produce and fruits
Dicot Farm: Certified Organic Produce
Unique Eats and Scents: Hand creams and preserves
Inge’s Crochet: Hand made crochet items
Peacesake Candles: Soy based candles in multiple scents
Double Sharp: Local Musicians
Alcoba Coffee: Guatemalan coffee by the pound and by the cup
A Little Pottery: Pottery
Waltz Family Farm: Meat, eggs and cheeses
Qamrul Bhuiyan: Packaged artisiticallly designed stationary
Roy and Arti’s Kitchen and Garden: Prepared Indonesian food and vegetables
The Baked Apple: Apple muffins and breads
College Park Hypnosis Center:Making positive changes easier
Terrapin Care Center: Chiropractic Care

* This list reflects the vendors who have informed the Market Manager that they will be at the market.  This list is subject to change due to weather, illness or other life events. 🙂

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a vendor for our market please let us know.  We are always looking for more vendors. Our criteria is that the items have to be hand made.  If you prepare food- we are looking for other prepared food vendors.  Lastly, we are looking for a bread vendor.  If you know of a local company that would like to sell bread at our market please stop by the market’s information table to speak with either the Market Manager or one of the Market’s Board members.

Meet the vendor: College Park Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a word that creates both curiosity and fear due to its history and frequent misunderstanding thanks largely to Hollywood and fiction writers. Hypnosis is trance. Daydreams are trance. They are the same phenomenon. All of us use trance every day in our lives. Because we are our own best hypnotists, we need to be careful what we say to ourselves and how we say it. This internal dialogue shapes our beliefs which become our reality.  A hypnotist is really nothing but a guide. The client must want to accept the suggestions to change their beliefs to make positive changes. The client is the one in control.  As a former registered nurse for 33 years, I got into hypnosis after I retired as I discovered it was a neat way to help people create positive changes in their lives.  Imagine making a change that is holding you back. How would that feel? Come by my booth and learn how your mind works and if you like, experience how a deep trance really feels. This is part of my free introductory session that I do with all my clients as I want them completely comfortable with the whole process. As an educated consumer, they can decide if it is right for them before they put any money down. I do not know what is more fair than that.
I welcome everyone, even skeptics, whether you want to make a change or just curious. (You know you want to….)

Copyright © 2017 *Hollywood Farmers Market, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:



Pepco Announces Peak Savings Day – Customers Can Save Money by Saving Energy

Pepco customers will have an opportunity to save energy and money by reducing their electric use today, Thursday, July 13 from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

An increased demand for electricity throughout the mid-Atlantic region is anticipated for July 13, 2017. While the region’s power supply is expected to be sufficient to meet high demand, Pepco customers are encouraged to conserve energy and save money on the Peak Savings Day.

Pepco’s Maryland customers are offered the opportunity to earn bill credits on Peak Savings Days through the Peak Energy Savings Credit Program. Customers participate simply by saving energy during the specified hours—no enrollment is needed. Customers will receive a bill credit of $1.25 for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of reduced energy use below the customer’s average energy use on a Peak Savings Day. Customers will receive a phone call indicating the hours to reduce energy use, but they can also choose to be notified by email or text. Customers can see their energy savings on their next bill, or on the next day in My Account.

For Maryland and District of Columbia customers signed up to participate in Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards® program, Pepco will cycle their air conditioners during this period. This means Pepco will cycle the participant’s air conditioner compressors off and on for short intervals during this time frame. Because the air conditioner fans will continue to run, most customers will not notice a temperature change in their home. It may take up to a half-hour after the event ends for air conditioners to resume normal operations. We recommend air duct cleaning Minneapolis to keep your home’s air quality excellent.

Customers can learn more about Peak Energy Savings Credit by calling 1-855-730-PEAK or visiting www.pepco.com/peak. To learn more about Energy Wise Rewards call 1-866-353-5798 or visit pepco.com/rewards. For information about Pepco, visit www.pepco.com. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pepcoconnect and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/pepcoconnect. Our mobile app is available at www.pepco.com/mobileapp.

Rain Barrel Event: July 22, 2017, 10 am – 12 pm, Davis Hall

The City will be hosting a rain barrel event on Saturday, July 22, 2017, from 10 am to 12 pm at Davis Hall, 9217, 51st Avenue. The rain barrel event is designed for you to learn about rain barrels and their benefits, as well as the Prince George’s County Rain Check Rebate Program.

At this event you can pick up or place an order for a discounted 50-gallon rain barrel and Prince George’s County residents can apply for a Rain Check Rebate, offsetting most of the cost! You can order your rain barrel by July 17, 2017 at the discounted rate and pick up your rain barrel at the event!

The first 20 residents of the City of College Park that attend the event will receive a free gutter attachment, courtesy of the City’s Committee for Better Environment.

For more information, please click here.


Two Public Hearings at Tonight’s Meeting: Allowing Non-Residents to Vote, and New Fence Ordinance

At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council will take public comments on two important topics. The Public hearings will start at 7:30pm at the City Council chamber at 4500 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740.

The first Public Hearing will be about amending the City’s Charter to delete the requirement that an individual is a United States citizen in order to vote in City elections.  If this proposal is passed the City will create a supplemental voter list for non-United States citizens who are eligible to vote in City elections.  The same restrictions that currently apply to eligibility to vote in City elections would apply to City residents on the supplemental list. Individuals  1) convicted of buying or selling votes; 2) under guardianship for mental disability and found by a court to be unable to communicate a desire to vote, or 3) convicted of a felony and currently serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment for the conviction are ineligible to vote in municipal elections.

Council will take public input on the regulation fences in the City.  Council is considering whether the City should maintain its current fence ordinance, modify the current ordinance or eliminate the City’s ordinance.  If the City eliminates its ordinance College Park residents will still need to comply with the County’s fence requirements.  The City is allowed to enact its own requirements for fences so long as those requirements are not less restrictive than the County’s requirements.

CountyExisting CityProposed City
Front yardCannot exceed 4ft in heightNot allowed unless replacing an existing fenceNot allowed unless

replacing an existing fence

Side or rear yardCannot exceed 6ft in heightSameSame
Through or corner lotCannot exceed 4 ft in height, can be built to the property lineRequires 25 ft setback from property line along the streetRequires 25 ft setback from property line along the street, cannot exceed 4ft in height
Through lot (road at both ends)Two front yardsOne front yard based on orientation of the houseOne front yard based on orientation of the house
Chain link fenceAllowed in all yardsNot allowed in front yards except for reconstruction or replacement by variance1. Not allowed in front yards except for reconstruction or replacement

2. Not allowed except by variance

Building permitNot required if 4ft

In height or less

Required for all fencesRequired except for garden fences 4-ft in height or less


If you cannot attend the Public Input session, writteyou can submit written comment may be submitted to the City Council, no later than 5 p.m. the day of the meeting, by email to cpmc@collegeparkmd.gov   Please identify the agenda item you are commenting on and include your full name and street address.

City Adds Two Bikeshare Stations

Two new mBike bike sharing stations were recently installed in the City!

The first new location is near College Park Woods at the Courtyards Apartments just off of Metzerott Rd! The mBike station is located in the parking lot between apartment buildings.

The other new mBike station is located at the corner of Berwyn House Road and Baltimore Ave, in front of the new CVS Pharmacy (CVS is
planning to open in mid-July.)

Anyone is eligible to sign up for mBike, and we’re offering a limited-time discount to celebrate our new stations: use promo code “TerpBikes” during registration to receive 50% off annual membership – that’s $32.50 in savings!. Visit www.zagster.com/mbike for more information.

City Waiving All Adoption Fees for Cats and Kittens in July

City’s Animal Control is waiving all adoption fees for cats and kittens during the month of July.  As part of the Maryland 2,000, an effort to save more cats by eliminating adoption fees, 18 Maryland animal shelters are waiving fees for feline adoption this month and the City is participating.
For more information, please contact the City’s Animal Control officer at 240-375-3165.
For a video about Lela, the adoptable (and adorable) cat featured above, click here!

North College Park Crime Map: July 1-7, 2017

4700 Blk Cherry Hill RdTheft from auto,
9600 Blk Baltimore AveTheft

Road Resurfacing of Daniels Park

Our City engineer is advising that beginning on Wednesday July 12th M T Laney, WSSC’s resurfacing contractor will begin working in the City on all the affected streets as shown on the attached map. They are NOT ALL going to be worked on at the same time.

The order of construction activities is as follows:
The contractor will post NO PARKING signs at least 48 hours prior to beginning his work on the affected street. The contractor will post other streets in advance of his work so to keep the affected residents aware of the forth coming work.
· The first activity the contractor will perform is milling of the street surfaces.
· The second activity the contractor will perform, after all the streets are milled, is the resurfacing of the roads.
· The third activity the contractor will perform will be the re-installation of removed speed humps.
· The fourth and final activity will be the restriping of the Stop bars.

The first street to be milled is Huron Street. The Contractor is proposing to perform his work from the south to the north. Huron Street will be posted on Monday June 10th

Also, Please be advised that the schedule WILL be affected by many factors out of our contractor, like weather, mechanical break downs, traffic back-up, etc.. The contractor will do his best to keep the area clean, accommodate any urgent residents needs, and keep to our schedule.

This is the Happy Ending of our long and drawn out saga of construction activity in our Daniels Park neighborhood.


Council Decides to Keep Most Gateway Park Features

Thanks to my Council colleagues for coming to the consensus for keeping most of Gateway Park’s existing features. The good news is that two proposed big-ticket items survived the cut. The City will build the park pavilion, and it will acquire the lot as an access from 47th Pl.

As part of the compromise, we had to get rid of a few smaller items. This cut is only 5% of the total construction budget. This list includes getting rid of wind and weather features, upright lights around trees and pathway, and also some park furniture. Modern LED pole lights will replace the bollard lights. The staff was also asked to cut down on some landscaping and hardscaping. The slide will be added as an option during bidding.

Many of you may think cutting such a small amount doesn’t make sense. The Council could have kept these little features as well. But in the interest of moving forward with the project with most useful features, I think we all made a right decision. Some of the features, such as wind/weather features, park furniture could be added after the park is built, as we’ll see more use of the park.

As the park project moves forward, I also want to thank many other residents for raising the issues of providing more information about our other projects. For example, there was confusion about interpreting some numbers quoted in some City document about the Gateway Park project. As I mentioned at last Tuesday’s meeting, I think we need to review the way we share Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) information with our residents. We can probably use models that other jurisdictions use already. For example, here is the format the SHA uses to share their capital projects on their website. http://apps.roads.maryland.gov/WebProjectLifeCycle/ProjectSchedule.aspx?projectno=PG2652216 . All project-related information, such as project overview, schedule, related documents, maps etc can be found in one place. The schedule is broken into planning, design, engineering and construction phase.

If you have a moment, please send a quick note to the Mayor and Council at cpmc@collegeparkmd.gov and thank them for coming to a consensus and keeping most park features.

City to Hire Project Manager to Build City Hall

The City and UMD seek to construct two facilities connected by an atrium comprising 85,000 square feet in total on the site, one to be owned by the City (30,000 square feet) and used as a City Hall, and one to be owned by UMD (55,000 square feet), with some areas jointly managed. In the UMD building, approximately 45,000 square feet would be for UMD office use and approximately 10,000 square feet would be used for ground floor retail purposes with the possibility that some or all of that space may be subleased by UMD to private users.

A public plaza area along the Baltimore Avenue frontage would be owned by the City. The vision for College Park City Hall is a Class-A office building that is designed to meet the needs of its specialized public functions. These include: • Building lobby with service windows and information counter • City Council chambers with state of the art audio-visual equipment, cable television recording studio, dais for nine members, staff area and public seating • Public meeting and conference room

The City and the University of Maryland (UMD) issued a Request for Proposals for a development project manager to assist in the proposed joint development. The City received six proposals, which were reviewed independently by City and University staff. Most proposals anticipated a 36-month period from project initiation to completion if the City and UMD building(s) was constructed at the same time.

The proposed costs ranged from $162,500 to $1,500,000. Based on the written proposals, the presentations, cost, and conversations with references, the City and University strongly recommend the selection of Redgate as the project manager, at the cost of $700,000. The fiscal impact of this contract has been anticipated in the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). It is anticipated that costs incurred under the agreement would start in FY18. The current budget lists the total City Hall cost as $10 million. The City and the University plan to enter into an agreement to equitably share the costs.

Council to Discuss Design Alternatives of Gateway Park

For many years now, the City has been working to build the Gateway Park at the southeast corner of Baltimore avenue and Edgewood Road.

So far, $457,000 has been spent on the acquisition of the lot and $22,000 on the demolition. $194,000 has been budgeted on the design and engineering of the park.A vast majority (94%) of funds come from the State and other grant sources. The construction cost is estimated at $736,000 (or $920,000, with 20% contingency).

At the last Council meeting (June 13th), the Council decided to approve $43,000 towards the construction administration fees. The Council also approved to fully fund the construction through the State Program Open Space (POS) grants, however, wanted to evaluate design alternatives in order to reduce construction costs.

The design alternative options include

  1. Build the Park as currently designed with some cost reductions in types and quantities of materials (a reduction of 5%). This option will include reduction of the number of benches, tables and chairs, elimination of the slope slide and soft surfacing, elimination of uplights for the trees, elimination of bollard lighting in preference to pole lights, exploration of less expensive products for furnishings, lights, etc.
  2. Eliminate the pavilion and build the park on both lots (a reduction of 31%). This option will include elimination of the pavilion, lighting for pavilion and Wind and Weather features associated with the pavilion, elimination of paving associated with the pavilion, elimination of the slope slide and soft surfacing, elimination of uplights for the trees, elimination bollard lighting in preference to pole lights, exploration of less expensive products for furnishings, lights, etc. and elimination of one set of stairs
  3. Build the pavilion only on the original corner lot ( a reduction of 60%). The pavilion would provide a seating area and overlook to a wooded lot. There will be no connection to the neighborhood or ADA compliant public access to the lower level from 47th Pl. The option eliminates the slope slide and soft surfacing, reduces grading, sediment, erosion control and stormwater management based on the reduced lot size, eliminates all features on the lower level of the park (including neighborhood access), reduces amount of screen fencing required. Designed planting is replaced by reforestation at the lower level.

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, he Council will review these options, different implications in terms of the of timing of bidding and construction and potential loss of amenities to the community.

Four Arrested in Citizen Armed Robbery Incident on North College Park

Let us thank our Police for doing another fine job in arresting four individuals in a citizen armed robbery incident at a motel in north College Park. Here is the police report.

On 6/29/2017, officers responded to the LOI for a reported citizen armed robbery. Upon arrival, officers met with the Victim who advised that he was there to meet a prostitute. The Victim advised that he met with a female in a room. The Victim stated that while inside with the female the room door opened and three suspects entered. The suspect began physically assaulting the Victim and struck him in the head with an unknown metal baton. The suspects took a cell phone (Recovered), car keys and a wallet from the Victim and fled with the female. A lookout was broadcasted by patrol units on scene. Detectives from RID / North / RST responded to the scene and canvassed the area. Detectives stopped a group matching the description of the broadcasted lookout. Detectives were able to obtain video surveillance from the T/A which implicated the group as involved in the robbery. Detectives transported the all the suspects to the District I station to be interviewed. All parties were voluntarily waived of their Miranda rights and provided statements to their involvement in the robbery. Detectives obtained photographs and created six person photo arrays which were shown to the Victim at PGH. The Victim was able to make positive identification on two of the suspects. All four suspects were charged accordingly and transported to District I DOC for processing. K-9 responded to the scene and conducted an article search which led to the recovery of the Victim’s cell phone. The Victim sustained a large laceration to the back of his head which required approximately 15 staples. He is currently admitted to PGH in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing.

North College Park Crime Map: June 25 – July 1, 2017

10000 Blk Baltimore AveTheft from auto
9700 Blk 53RD AVETheft from auto
5200 Blk Palco PLTheft from auto
5101 Mineola RdTheft from auto
9000 Blk  49TH AVETheft
10100 Blk Baltimore AveTheft
9100 Blk Baltimore AveCitizen  Robbery
4700 Blk Cherry  Hill RdTheft